Sliding shutters

Sliding shutters - privacy and sun protection combined in one

Sliding shutters as an alternative to window shutters represent modern sun protection. Design that inspires. Comfort that impresses – whether conventionally made of wood or other materials. The right fittings and specially developed drives with long-term experience offer you the highest level of comfort. Even environmentally friendly and cost-saving solar energy can be used. But the most impressive thing about it is the shutters or hangings themselves. We manufacture entirely according to your desires and ideas, whether made of aluminium, fabric or wood, with fixed or movable slats!

Sliding shutters – modern technology for modern architecture

Sliding shutters act as architecturally defining privacy and sun protection on the façade and control daylight as required. Individual design options and innovative technology combine aesthetic and functional requirements.

  • Sliding shutters can also be operated in windy conditions and have no protective position.
  • Convenient handling, whether manual sliding or electric, by pressing a button or wireless transmitter.
  • Implementation of individual designs and ideas through production in a craftsman’s workshop.
  • Refined assembly profiles and technology for every type of connection.
  • High-quality fittings (runners, stoppers and bottom guides) for quiet, smooth movements without high effort.
  • Single, double or multiple leaf systems (symmetrical or asymmetrical) according to requirements and construction situation.
  • Baier has decades of experience in the development, production and installation of sun protection elements.

Sliding shutter models

For the hangings, i.e. the actual shutters, you as a planner and builder can implement your unique design ideas. A mix of materials and colours and a wide range of frame profiles and infills form the basis.
Be inspired by the variety of Baier models. Depending on the shop model, the type of filling, the division, and the surface can be adapted to your ideas.

You can’t find the model you need? Talk to us – we will always find a solution!

Individual sun protection – sliding shutters add accents

Do you want to design your shutters individually? Should your sliding shutters perfectly match your existing façade, your windows and your corporate identity?

Choose from the wide range of RAL, NCS, DB and special colours, the gloss level and surface structure and benefit from the colour authenticity and long durability. The sliding shutter frames are made of extruded aluminium frame profiles. A wide range of materials such as wood, plastic, fabric, glass or metal are available for the infill. There are no limits to your originality and creativity, from natural-looking wood decor to any design you want.

Fittings and accessories

“The best solution for every customer”. We at Baier offer project-specific unique solutions in addition to our versatile standard products. Thanks to our many years of experience, we always find the right technology for your façade.

With our Olymp sliding shutter fittings and the matching Herakles installation solutions, all imaginable divisions are possible. Whether single or multiple, symmetrical, asymmetrical or telescopic. Thanks to our Prometheus drives, an automated operation is also possible!



Bottom guide for sliding shutter hangings

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Olymp Schiebeladenbeschlag


Manual fittings

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Herakles Montagelösung für Schiebeläden


Assembly solution

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Antrieb für Schiebeladen


Sliding shutter drive

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Improved safety and stability

At Baier, we are not just developers and manufacturers of high-quality sliding shutters. We sometimes feel like artists in a world full of design possibilities.
A world that can also be your world. There are almost no limits to your ideas and inspirations. Because Baier is flexible and produces products that meet every aesthetic requirement. Describe your idea to us – we at Baier have the right components available for fabricators and traders, of course, individually or partially assembled.







RAL-Farbfächer der Firma Baier

RAL of choice

Baier sliding shutters can be delivered in all colour variants.

Powder coating of the individual folding sliding shutter components provides a wide range of design options. This allows us to create the appropriate product for each of your individual requirements.


Housing value improvement in Dessau

For this building, the Seelbach architects' office aimed for a self-contained façade design. In order to meet this requirement, Baier developed a cross-floor support profile.
More about the project

Residential construction in Stuttgart Hallschlag

Attractive residential building in Stuttgart, Hallschlag. Sliding shutters with HPL panels (high-pressure laminate).
More about the project

Dr. Murken Residential Park

Sliding shutters from Baier fit in perfectly with the modern architecture of the building in Dr. Murken's residential park. The possibility of operating them by motor was a great advantage here.
More about the project

Residential building in Kesselstraße Offenburg

A counselling and information centre and part of the Lebenshilfe administration were housed here. For the third time in a short time, archaeologists in Offenburg found remains of medieval buildings. Excavations at Kesselstraße 12 have unearthed residential buildings and workshops.
More about the project

Wasserverband Lausitz Senftenberg

The planning and engineering company Ipro Dresden chose Baier to supply the matching design and sun protection elements. The order to Baier was to design the visual and sun protection systems in light blue to match the water theme, thus giving the building a maritime character.
More about the project

Administration building Heidelberg

A historic building is modernised: sliding shutters made of expanded metal, integrated into a surrounding metal window frame, powder-coated rust-brown.
More about the project

Seahouse Dortmund

To shade the balcony areas of the Seahouse in Dortmund, they were looking for a way to protect them from the sun without "blocking" the view of the lake. Baier GmbH, as a specialist for sliding shutters, was able to supply semi-transparent sun protection with the right profiles and the appropriate fabric covering.
More about the project

SAP Guesthouse in Walldorf

With the 52 x 2-leaf sliding shutter systems and a further 12 x 3-leaf systems that Baier GmbH from Renchen-Ulm has fitted to the SAP Guesthouse building, you could say that Baier sliding shutters have played a major part in the building's very own look!
More about the project

Publicis at Schwedler Carré

The Publicis Group office building with underground car park was built exactly according to the tenant's ideas. White-clad exterior walls and wide window fronts fit into the customised architectural concept. The result is modern office space with large glass fronts that provide a useful supply of daylight. With the Baier company, an experienced specialist in sliding shutters was commissioned to protect the building and its users from reflections and overheating.
More about the project

Psychiatry in Munich-Haar

Coloured sliding shutters by Baier accentuate the grey façades of the cuboid new buildings at the Isar-Amper-Klinikum in Haar near Munich. In addition to the colour, the new buildings should also resemble the design language of the existing buildings.
More about the project