Flat roof window shutters

Shading for flat roof windows

Flat roof windows are light dispensers. They increase the living comfort in rooms. Daylight is an essential factor for the well-being of people. Daylight has a stimulating effect on people due to the different brightnesses, light directions and light colours. Evolutionarily, we are adapted to the changing daylight, the rhythm of day and night. Even on a cloudy November day, about 5,000 lux can be measured there. In summer, 20,000 lux are reached when the sky is covered, and up to 100,000 lux when the sun shines.

Effective protection

If there is a lot of light and sun, effective shading should be provided. Once the rooms under the roof are heated up, it becomes difficult to lower the temperatures and create a pleasant living or working climate.

In summer, roller shutters act as a “heat shield” from the outside and protect against overheating more effectively than interior shading products. In addition to optimal heat protection and the possibility of room darkening, roller shutters also protect against incoming noise. On flat roofs, flat roof roller shutters also score in terms of burglary resistance.

More facts

  • Baier offers roller shutter solutions for all common flat roof windows with flat glass.
  • Operation variants 24V, electric 230V, solar push button or solar wireless
  • Colour choice for frame and shutter / special colours are also possible
  • customised designs are possible
  • professional assembly

The flat roof roller shutters increase the comfort of the residents through heat regulation and are convincing in terms of:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Comfort & Design
  • Safety

Roof window shutters – the best ones are made by Baier!

Whether flat roof windows, hinged or sliding roof exits.

The external sun protection, which can be opened and closed in any position regardless of the roof pitch, provides pleasant shading to reduce the brightness in the room and avoid sun reflections and glare. On the other hand, the system can effectively control solar radiation, room temperature and protect spaces from overheating.

Baier roof window roller shutters fit all flat roof windows made of flat glass and with a special substructure on domes, such as Velux, Eternit or Essertec or Lamilux. With their excellent thermal insulation characteristics, the roof window roller shutters increase energy efficiency.