Horizontal sliding window

Made to measure and functional

Enough daylight and fresh air are essential for a healthy indoor climate. If you want to use every centimetre in front of the window – our horizontal sliding windows are a perfect alternative to the classic tilt and turn windows. The window casements are pushed to one side. Baier manufactures the horizontal sliding windows in various designs for different applications – from uninsulated to thermally insulated, electrically or manually operated.

Baier horizontal sliding windows made of aluminium – quality tailored to your needs

Horizontal sliding windows are always custom-made. They can be manufactured with one, two or more casements, telescopic or symmetrical. Optionally, the horizontal sliding windows are supplemented at the sides or above and below the movable opening casement with fanlights, sills or side panels made of standard profile systems.

A high-quality sliding fitting ensures smooth running. Depending on the construction situation, the design can be top-hanging/bottom-guided or bottom-standing/top-guided. Particularly interesting: in the case of a top-hanging window sash, this can be designed with point guidance at the bottom, virtually without a threshold.


Details, function and ease of operation

Operation is electric, with a convenient motor drive, or manual, with stoppers in the end positions. The electric drive is a 24V DC motor; the power transmission is by a toothed belt. With modern control technology, which uses the principle of power cut-off, no limit switches are necessary. The control unit is supplied in a separate control box; the customer usually provides the push-button.

By using different connection variants and setting options, the control can be carried out in dead man’s mode, semi-automatic or fully automatic, also in partial opening. Optionally with soft stop. The electronics are manufactured in accordance with the general EU directives and carry the CE mark. There is a wide range of connection options for additional or on-site controls. As a rule, the horizontal sliding windows can be operated without additional safety sensors, thanks to the power cut-off.

Further facts


  • DC motor 24V
  • Power transmission by toothed belt
  • Modern control technology: no limit switches necessary due to the principle of power cut-off
  • Control unit is supplied in separate control box. Push-button on customer’s side
  • Various connection variants and setting options: Dead man, semi-automatic or fully automatic; partial opening possible; optionally with soft stop
  • Electronics manufactured in accordance with the general EU directives and carries the CE mark
  • Possibility of connecting additional or on-site controls
  • As a rule, can be designed without additional safety sensors
  • Windows in telescopic design and with a width of more than 1,200 mm should always be equipped with an electric drive.

Construction characteristics

  • Sliding casement with suspended guide at the top, threshold-free with point guide at the bottom
  • Electric operation: With convenient motor drive
  • Manual operation: Easy to operate by hand, stopper in the end positions


  • 1-, 2- or more casements
  • Telescopic or symmetrical
  • Skylights, parapets or side panels available from standard profile system. Others on request.
RAL-Farbfächer der Firma Baier

RAL of your choice

Window and door elements can be supplied in all RAL colours, Elxoal and unique shades. Various glazing options are available, depending on the application. Thus, aluminium elements are a good choice – also in unusual colours or designs.


Wash house Winterbach

Where laundry was once done, ice cream is now sold. In the listed ambience, the horizontal sliding window from Baier provides views and insights beyond its use as a sales counter. At the same time, it fulfils the requirements of listed building protection and lends the little house a modern glamour.
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Mobile Tourist Info Weimar

For the realisation of the information kiosk, the Rheinau-based company Ruku Anhängerbau sought cooperation with an experienced metal construction company. Baier planned and constructed two telescopic vertical sliding windows and one horizontal sliding window for the counter and bar area of the modern building.
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Drive-in counter Markt-Apotheke

Those who want to quickly fill a prescription or save themselves the tedious search for a parking space can remain seated in their car when visiting the Markt pharmacy in Weissach-Flacht in Baden-Württemberg. This is made possible with a modern drive-in counter and sliding windows from Baier.
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