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The cultural city of Weimar has charm and the numerous museums and cultural offerings make the fourth largest city in Thuringia a tourist attraction. The city is best known for the Bauhaus, founded by Walter Gropius. The art school’s concept of bringing together art and craft was something completely new at the time. With plain and simple forms, the Bauhaus makers revolutionised the architecture of the 20th century. The Bauhaus style still stands for bold and functional designs today.


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Ruku Anhänger GmbH

“form follows function” – Baier vertical sliding windows complete Weimar information kiosk

The company Ruku-Anhängerbau from Rheinau-Freistett designed the cube-like information kiosk at the newly designed Stephane-Hessel-Platz in Weimar, Thuringia. The five-metre-high building in Bauhaus style was to be easily used at another location. Using proven and high-quality materials, Ruku built a trailer suitable for traffic made of glass-fibre reinforced plastic and aluminium window elements. A lowered counter area on the side ensures uncomplicated access, even for wheelchair users.

Telescopic sliding windows save space

For the realisation of the information kiosk, the Ruku company sought cooperation with an experienced window builder. Baier, a metal construction company from Baden, planned and constructed two telescopic vertical sliding windows and one horizontal sliding window for the counter and bar area of the modern building. Since the element height was limited by structural conditions, the vertical sliding windows were installed in telescopic design.

Horizontal and vertical sliding windows for “short distances”.

The space savings that sliding windows bring, especially in small rooms, are of great advantage. Since the opening window sash opens parallel to the wall, the entire interior space can be used. The counter staff as well as customers and tourists use the built-in sliding windows as a “pass-through” for services and for conveying information, for example for handing over information material, selling tickets or advising on the desired accommodation.

Baden companies work hand in hand – Individual custom-made sliding windows

“Constructive and pleasant” is how Thomas Beik, managing director of the company Ruku Anhänger GmbH, describes the cooperation with those responsible at Baier. The challenge of the project was the required mobility of the information centre and the narrow time window for the realisation of the object. “There must be no movement in the lifting technology during transport”, says project manager Johannes Kammler from Baier GmbH, “after all, the windows should also be immediately functional at a new location”. The vertical sliding windows were therefore equipped with a specially made cable guide with minimal tolerance. This special technology makes further transport locks during the change of location superfluous. The vertical sliding windows and their attachment points were prepared in such a way that the sliding window units could be completely inserted and bolted into the trailer structure.

Similar references

Europa-Park Rust

Baier GmbH, from Renchen-Ulm, has already worked on several projects at the park. This involves the new construction or conversion of vertical sliding windows. Mainly for the gastronomic area in various themed areas of the park. In the years 2009 to 2019, Baier GmbH was able to demonstrate its skills.

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Europa Park Stadium

Whether handing in luggage for storage, collecting reserved tickets or carrying out accreditations: The service areas in Freiburg's Europa-Park Stadium are equipped with space-saving vertical sliding windows from Baier.

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Functional building Sportpark Goldäcker

In addition to new changing rooms, athletes, referees, groundsmen and guests can enjoy additional service areas in the functional building at the Goldäcker sports park in Leinfelden-Echterdingen. Ticket sales and hospitality are now efficiently controlled via practical sliding windows from Baier.

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Hardys Kiosk Lake St. Leon

The task of replacing the sliding windows at the snack bar at the campsite sounded insoluble: develop larger sliding windows for existing opening. But Baier wouldn't be Baier if there wasn't a solution. It lies in the detail - in the connection detail.

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Sports Arena Oschersleben

They know all about speed at the Motorsport Arena Oschersleben. To ensure that things also move quickly in the outdoor catering area, the food counter and cash desk in the Arena Diner are well organised. Pay here, pick up there - clearly arranged behind a large sliding window system with two separate vertical sliding windows.

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Jaderpark Animal and Leisure Park

The ticket office area in the animal and leisure park was considerably expanded. The old ticket booth was replaced by a complex with half a dozen ticket windows. A concept with 6 identical Baier VSF 210 vertical sliding windows, each with two fixed elements on the side, was developed here.

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Drive-in counter Markt-Apotheke

Those who want to quickly fill a prescription or save themselves the tedious search for a parking space can remain seated in their car when visiting the Markt pharmacy in Weissach-Flacht in Baden-Württemberg. This is made possible with a modern drive-in counter and sliding windows from Baier.

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Gaisbacher Hof

Up to 120 people can be catered for in the magnificent garden restaurant of the Gaisbacher Hof. An automatic door and a vertical sliding window from Baier optimise workflows by efficiently connecting the outdoor and indoor areas.

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Hotel Engel

Four large vertical-sliding windows with internal glazing bars can be opened in fine weather to save space - simply at the touch of a button. The hotel's rural interior style has been combined with the modern materials of metal and glass.

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Hotel Weitblick in Marktoberdorf

Extremely practical - pure fresh air pleasure for all relaxation-seeking Allgäu air lovers who enjoy swimming outdoors. At the touch of a button, the Baier swimming pool window separates the indoor from the outdoor pool.

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Infothek Baureferat

The round and open counter in the entrance area of the technical town hall in Munich was easy to find and representative - but the employees could not work comfortably here. Today, visitors are welcomed by a friendly corner solution framed in wood, complete with sliding aprons and fixed glazing from Baier.

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Kiosk at the Schlosssee

The modern "sales points" around the building were equipped with Baier vertical sliding windows. They are ideally suited as "pass-throughs".

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Les Quatre Temps La défense

Together with our French partner company Bativitre, Baier realised a building project in the modern high-rise district La Défense west of Paris. The 4617mm high and 1990mm wide windows with skylight were equipped with electric drive and electric locking.

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Media library Bühl

Large windows, small windows, square, horizontal or vertical formats, flush with the façade or recessed. A wide variety of openings are the hallmark of the media library in Bühl. Now another one has been added: a sliding window from Baier secures the 24-hour accessible outside return.

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Elisabethmarkt Munich

Munich's popular Elisabethmarkt with its sales huts will be rebuilt for two long years. An interim market with containers is to provide a replacement. Traders and customers were sceptical. But thanks to sales windows from Baier, goods can be presented, customers served and a market atmosphere created.

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Theodor-Heuss-Straße Stuttgart

Here at the Theo, the Baier company has realised two building projects at once. In Theodor-Heuss-Straße, Baier installed a vertical sliding window as a street sales counter and exactly opposite, the entire window front of a restaurant was modernised and equipped with vertical sliding windows during the same period.

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Tramhüsli Bellevue Zurich

Next to the blue-and-white trams, Herman Herter's bus shelter is the sight to see on Zurich's Bellevue Square. A real eye-catcher - the cylindrical glass pavilion, with its traditional kiosk and the beautiful Belcafe, where, according to numerous travel guides, you can get the best and fastest espresso in all of Zurich.

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Villa Eden Lake Garda

SIGNA has created a first-class paradise in the holiday region of Lake Garda - the luxury resort "Villa Eden Gardone". In addition to a vertical sliding window for a private swimming pool, the company Baier from Renchtal in Baden has manufactured a so-called swimming pool window for the central 5-star clubhouse.

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Vogel Hausbräu Ettlingen

Baier was able to contribute its know-how in façade construction and the very large vertical sliding windows. The porch or conservatory, which allows the façade to be opened over a large area, is an important piece in the mosaic of the concept.

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Wash house Winterbach

Where laundry was once done, ice cream is now sold. In the listed ambience, the horizontal sliding window from Baier provides views and insights beyond its use as a sales counter. At the same time, it fulfils the requirements of listed building protection and lends the little house a modern glamour.

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Residential and office building in Istanbul

Baier GmbH had the task of equipping the top floor of a high-rise building with sliding windows. On behalf of our German partner, the façade was designed in a prime location on a new building with a view of the Bosporus and the city.

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