Swinging doors

Swing doors open and close on both sides

Swing doors are helpful – because they close and open automatically from both sides without door handles. In addition to their use in highly frequented buildings such as hotels, railway stations, offices or theatres, swing doors have been discovered as practical transit doors, especially in the catering and food industries. Service rooms are effectively separated and can be entered or left without a problem.

Baier swinging doors as practical transit routes in butcher’s shops, dairies and supermarkets

Particularly careful operational hygiene is required when dealing with food, e.g. in the production of baked goods, meat, fish and dairy products. Baier swing doors are the first choice for equipping companies in the food industry, such as butchers’ shops, dairies, ice-cream manufacturers, supermarkets, etc. The covers of the door panels are suitable for hygiene-demanding areas.  Enclosed surfaces are easy to clean and meet the high hygiene requirements in the food industry. The doors are robust, durable and resistant to mechanical and chemical damage.


When a quick transit is needed

The Baier swing door has no stop and can therefore be opened in both directions, for example, between the guest room and the kitchen or between the butcher’s shop and the retail space. Combined with unique frames and swing door hinges, the door leaf can be opened in the desired direction by simply bumping or pushing it open. The swing door closes automatically and is held in the closed position by a special hinge.

Fenster, Türen und Fassaden, Pendeltür
Fenster, Türen und Fassaden, Pendeltür

Swing doors available for every installation situation

Baier swing doors can be single or double-leaf, depending on the space required. If there is only a tiny area available in the opening direction, the best option is to plan with the double-leaf option. The door panel is made of smooth and easy-to-clean aluminium. Special, maintenance-free stainless steel hinges allow the door to swing open in both directions and are suitable for robust permanent use. The opening angle is a maximum of 180 degrees on both sides (depending on the thickness of the door reveal).


Swing doors made by Baier

Baier swing doors represent smooth and optimised processes because they guarantee a very fast transit. Different rooms, work spaces or production areas with varying hygiene requirements are effectively separated from each other. Baier swing doors can be planned and manufactured with or without a window, customised according to the installation situation.


Edeka Market Oser

Doors should be practical and look good. Baier supplied functional and visually appealing door solutions for the modern Edeka store - e.g. a swing door as a practical link between the sales and production areas in the meat department.
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