Folding scissor shutters

Architectural highlight

Folding scissor shutters are an attractive alternative to sliding, folding sliding or folding shutters and offer exciting possibilities for architectural design. There are almost no limits to the design. In addition, thanks to the different opening angles, folding scissor shutters from Baier enable unique lighting moods and shading effects in rooms.

Continuous regulation of daylight and sunlight

The sunshade elements are guided at the top and bottom on scissor grids. Even half-opened, a folding scissor shutter system offers effective protection from the sun, wind and unwanted gazes, as the opening angle can be adjusted individually and continuously, just like a Venetian blind. When open, folding scissor shutters, like sliding folding shutters, are positioned at right angles to the façade.

Architects: Jacques Moussafir  © Atelier Hervé Abbadie

Architects: Jacques Moussafir  © Atelier Hervé Abbadie

Individually and conveniently controlled

The most modern electrical drive technology and control ensure a high level of comfort. Individual elements or entire groups can be moved via push-buttons, bus controls or even wireless controls – without the need to open windows or doors. Wireless systems also have the advantage that they can be installed quickly, whether in new buildings or when retrofitting automation in existing buildings. The integration of the associated control system in the control cabinet is standard.


Increased safety and stability

At Baier, we are not only developers and manufacturers of high-quality sliding shutters. We sometimes feel like artists in a world full of design possibilities.
A world that can also be your world. There are almost no limits to your ideas and inspirations. Because Baier is flexible and creates end products that meet every aesthetic requirement. Describe your idea to us – at Baier, we have the right components available individually or partially assembled for fabricators and retailers.







RAL-Farbfächer der Firma Baier

RAL of choice

Baier folding scissor shutters can be delivered in all colour variants.

Powder coating of the individual folding scissor shutter components provides a wide range of design options. This allows us to create the appropriate product for each of your individual requirements.


City Archive Amberg

The electoral carriage house from 1615 is the ideal location for the archive of the city of Amberg. A new entrance building was constructed for the change of use. A window front facing the courtyard creates an inviting atmosphere. The veil of history is lifted behind filigree folding shear shutters.
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Leibniz Institute of Agricultural Engineering and Bioeconomy

Researchers are often said to sit in an ivory tower. With its white façade, the ATB's new institute building in Potsdam would live up to the image - if it weren't for the shiny façade highlight: a folding shear system that gives expression to the claim of publicity.
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