Monument protection

According to the requirements of monument protection

Listed buildings are evidence of earlier architecture and require protection. Strict regulations of the authorities for the protection of historical monuments have to be fulfilled regarding specific sizes, shapes, colours and materials. This also applies to the design of roof surfaces. In principle, any visible modification of a listed building is obliged to obtain permission. The appearance of a building should not be affected, and modernisation needs to be well planned.

Living comfort in historic buildings

Skylights allow plenty of daylight, provide comfortable ventilation and can be easily installed with little impact on the original building fabric. The façade of the old walls remains untouched – the authentic ambience is preserved.
Baier has many years of experience in the field of monument protection and has developed a suitable roof window shading system according to the requirements of the monument protection authorities.

Roof window “undercover”

Colour-matched, front-mounted aluminium lamellas cover the built-in skylight, which is adapted to the roof’s pitch. The undesired reflection of the window pane is effectively avoided. When closed, the roof windows “clad” in this way cannot be seen from street level, and the classic overall appearance of the main view is preserved. Local approval from the listed building authority is always required.

Historic roof renovation

The historically correct renovated roof is part of every listed building. A large number of old buildings are roofed with plain tiles. The design of the classic U-shaped tiles is similar to the rounded tail of the beaver. Roof windows provide more comfort but have to be installed according to the requirements of the responsible monument protection authorities. The newly developed Z-lamella from Baier offers sun protection without changing the appearance of the historic building.


Walddorfhäslach Ochsen-Areal

In the centre of Walddorfhäslach, the building complex on the Ochsen site has been given a new lease of life. Instead of a new building, the municipality decided to renovate the centuries-old half-timbered buildings. Included: a sunshade from Baier.
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Alte Kelter Tübingen

The well-known half-timbered building called Tübinger Kelter has its origins in the early 16th century. Instead of its original use for wine production, the building now houses a restaurant including a vinotheque and liquid bar. Five centuries after its construction, the only window sloping in the direction of the ridge has now also been given a makeover. In the form of slat shading from Baier.
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Cultural Monument Gasthaus zur Post

The listed Gasthof zur Post shines in new splendour after extensive renovation. In the attic flats, modern roof windows with external sun protection slats provide plenty of light, fresh air and heat protection - all in harmony with the preservation order.
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The listed building ensemble "Kaffeeberghöfe" in the Affstätt district of Herrenberg has undergone a complete restoration. Both the main house with eight residential units and the two barns, each with two residential units, now shine in new splendour. In order to comply with the preservation order, Baier manufactured sun protection slats for the new skylights.
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Architectural monument Löwen

Roof conversion in a national monument? This calls for a flair for the nimble - and partners who pull in the same direction. With skylights including shading appropriate for a listed building, the conservationists were able to realise modern living space in the historic roof truss.
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