Vertical sliding windows

Sliding window systems - extremely space-saving

Vertical sliding windows are the perfect windows for pass-throughs in a variety of areas. In the street sales of fast-food restaurants and ice-cream parlours, in porter’s lodges and kiosks, in the media return of libraries or the dispensing of medicines in hospitals and pharmacies. Wherever it is necessary to open large or small areas of a façade. Since the opening sash does not protrude into the room, as with a side-hung window, nor does it require space at the side, as with a horizontal sliding window, this window is particularly suitable where space is tight.

Space-saving solutions for all types of buildings

Baier is up to all requirements. No difference whether it is a matter of equipping a bakery network with new, practical and sales-promoting sliding windows or also meeting the special desires of private house owners.

The entire experience of our metal construction department is used, for example, in the development of innovative sales sliding windows, regardless of size. At the same time, we pay balanced attention to individuality, ease of maintenance and safety. Despite all the professional and technical advantages Baier can offer, they must be good-looking, modern and up to date. Today, sales windows must be an inviting setting for customers.

In addition to remote-controlled drive technologies, our experts designed our patented safety device against crashing down, which even intervenes if a carrier rope breaks. Our reliable maintenance service guarantees the fact that this can never happen. This creates confidence for moving situations.

Technical details

Our sliding windows include a reversible flap for the counterweights. The counterweights are made of stainless steel tubes and poured with metal by a unique process. This ensures that there is no abrasion or compression of the weights.

The counterweights and the wings are connected with stainless steel ropes, which guarantees an exact and long-lasting operation. Guide rollers with plastic-coated ball bearings ensure quiet and low-wear operation.

Two fall protection devices built into the casement secure the casement if the steel cable is relieved or breaks. Find out more in the section on fall protection.

The fixed glazing is installed in a conventional glazing frame, i.e. the glass can be replaced at any time without having to dismantle the window.

According to the current technology, the electric drive is electronically controlled and has a proven power cut-off. As a result, a noisy and high-maintenance slipping clutch is no longer necessary. All parts can be replaced without great effort due to a clever modular system in case of damage.

Our sliding windows are manufactured according to the guidelines (u. EU directive) for power-operated doors, gates and windows.

Fall protection

Two fall protection devices built into the casement secure the casement. These are activated immediately if the steel rope is relieved or breaks. In public access areas, a fall protection system is mandatory and is installed as standard.

The system works on a counter-pull basis with a built-in spring and snap mechanism. Due to the mechanically efficient process, the function is guaranteed in any case and requires little maintenance—no electronics to fail.

The safety catch is located on the left and right sides of the sash and is connected to the drive cable. In case of a break, the corresponding hook immediately locks into the holes provided for this purpose and is fixed in place. To prevent such a situation from occurring in the first place, our customer service ensures long-lasting maintenance and service as well as durable stainless steel cables.

Further application possibilities

Swimming pool window

Vertical sliding windows are particularly suitable as a swim-through opening or swimming pool sluice. More aesthetically pleasing than, for example, a PVC curtain, or as a complement to it, lifting windows can be used to create a separation between the indoor and outdoor areas in a swimming pool.

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Baby hatch

The BAIER company manufactures an intelligent window system, especially for the baby hatch. This system offers application possibilities in the exterior and interior for which there is no comparable solution in this variety and perfection.

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Media return system

More and more libraries are offering their customers round-the-clock return service. Special media return boxes are available to readers, or the media can be “thrown in” via a façade window.

Our sliding window systems – whether manual or electric – can be installed directly in the façade and reliably and securely close the interior return area. Customised and made to measure, our sliding windows are a perfect component in the return process of modern libraries.

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RAL-Farbfächer der Firma Baier

RAL of choice

Window and door elements can be delivered in all RAL colours, Elxoal and special shades. Various glazing options are available depending on the application. Aluminium elements are a good choice – even in unusual colours or designs.


Hardys Kiosk, Lake St. Leon

The task of replacing the sliding windows at the snack bar at the campsite sounded insoluble: develop larger sliding windows for existing opening. But Baier wouldn't be Baier if there wasn't a solution. It lies in the detail - in the connection detail.
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Gaisbacher Hof

Up to 120 people can be catered for in the magnificent garden restaurant of the Gaisbacher Hof. An automatic door and a vertical sliding window from Baier optimise workflows by efficiently connecting the outdoor and indoor areas.
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Functional building Sportpark Goldäcker

In addition to new changing rooms, athletes, referees, groundsmen and guests can enjoy additional service areas in the functional building at the Goldäcker sports park in Leinfelden-Echterdingen. Ticket sales and hospitality are now efficiently controlled via practical sliding windows from Baier.
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Europa Park Stadium

Whether handing in luggage for storage, collecting reserved tickets or carrying out accreditations: The service areas in Freiburg's Europa-Park Stadium are equipped with space-saving vertical sliding windows from Baier.
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Europa-Park Rust

Baier GmbH, from Renchen-Ulm, has already worked on several projects at the park. This involves the new construction or conversion of vertical sliding windows. Mainly for the gastronomic area in various themed areas of the park. In the years 2009 to 2019, Baier GmbH was able to demonstrate its skills.
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