Façade curtains

Curtain up for textile sun protection

A textile sunshade is as delicate as an interior curtain and as effective as an exterior shade. Because the sun’s rays and heat do not enter the building, the brightness and the light breeze remain and create a unique atmosphere.

We put your object in the perfect (sun)light

As experts in outdoor sun protection, we offer you maximum design freedom with our façade curtains. We combine constructive perfection with architectural intuition. This makes us the perfect partner for developing and designing façades that satisfy high design and functional requirements, both internally and externally.


Literally custom-made – our textile sun protection for your building

  • Flexible and light like a curtain – without heating up and without losing space in the interior.
  • Especially suitable for very wide glass surfaces
  • Opens to the left or right
  • Different fabric types and colours can be selected.
  • When closed, either stretched or slightly folded in a meandering pattern
  • Always tight due to the use of springs
  • Guided and driven at the top and bottom – therefore very robust and reliable

We not only implement your ideas, but we also stimulate your creativity. Contact us and let us develop and implement the best solution for your facility together.


Textile sun protection for villa in Vienna

The extension of a villa required sun protection for a corner glazing. Baier developed a façade curtain that combines transparency with good sun protection. The beginning of an innovation story that provides the trend towards large sliding windows with the appropriate shading.
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