Loft ladders

Use your attic

If the attic is only used for storage, space-saving attic stairs are perfect. The attic stairs can be pulled or folded through a hatch to the floor below. Selected trade partners complement our product range and have the right staircase for every requirement. Our large storage areas guarantee availability and quick access to the loft ladder of your choice.


A subsidiary of ROTO Bauelemente GmbH. ROTO- Quality from the inventor of the loft ladder. Columbus is one of the leading European staircase manufacturers and has 50 years of experience. As a subsidiary of ROTO Bauelemente GmbH, they are responsible for the distribution of ROTO loft ladders. You can now obtain loft ladders, scissor ladders, flat roof exits, stringer stairs, space-saving stairs and spiral stairs from a single source.


Stairs made in Würzburg: For almost half a century, Wellhöfer has been manufacturing loft stairs, space-saving stairs and knee-high doors. The company is based in Würzburg, in the centre of Germany. The name Wellhöfer represents the highest quality, tested safety and innovative products. The company Wellhöfer is one of the leading manufacturers in this sector. Especially when it comes to standardisation, building law and safety regulations.

However, not only product quality but also service has a high priority at Wellhöfer. Inexpensive customised products and extremely fast delivery are the hallmarks of this brand manufacturer.