Folding sliding shutters

Space-saving sun protection for the façade

Sliding-folding shutters are a beautiful privacy and sun protection option when there is no space for conventional sliding shutters on façades that are characterised by windows. The folding package is installed in front of large windows or balconies and, when open, stands at a 90° angle from the façade.  The individual sash packages are connected to each other with swivel joints and, depending on the system, can be opened or closed manually, at the push of a button or by wireless control continuously parallel to the façade or in a V position. As with the sliding shutter models, the size, colour and materials can be freely selected.

Dynamic views of buildings

State-of-the-art sliding-folding shutters ensure individual building views and sufficient privacy and sun protection. The façade openings of the large window elements can be opened or closed parallel to the façade by pressing a button. In addition to the flush appearance, the functional advantages of the sliding-folding shutters are particularly convincing – heat radiation is stopped in front of the glazing, and unwanted views are screened off.

Baier sliding-folding shutters fold gently at a 90° angle to the façade. Manually or with sophisticated drives. Regardless of whether they are mounted on the façade or the outside of the balcony. Fittings and bottom guides guarantee the security of the folding shutters protection. Wind protection, sun protection and protection from prying eyes. Of course, there are almost no limits to your design ideas when it comes to folding sliding shutters. A wide range of material and colour mixes are available for you. Wood or aluminium with movable, adjustable slats, sizes according to your wishes, and partly for do-it-yourself construction. The modern façade design is no longer a question of price. Call us, we will be happy to support you.

Schiebefaltladen-Ecklösung an

Folding sliding shutters convince in their aesthetics

Clever folding sliding shutters offer architects and builders a wide range of exciting design options in modern architecture. Baier has developed various systems for a variety of applications. The shutters, 2-, 4- or 6-leaf, can be installed sliding on the right or left, depending on the installation variant. The flush-mounted construction and concealed integrated drives and controls are convincing in their aesthetics. Baier focuses on safety and ease of handling. The locking of the folding sliding shutters at the top also provides security in terms of burglary. The almost noiseless gliding of the ball-bearing rollers when opening and closing and the slow start-up and gentle slow-down are some of the product’s advantages.

Do you want to equip your property with folding shutters and still have questions about how they work and what they can be used for? Just give us a call, our competent staff will be happy to assist you.


Increased safety and stability

We at Baier are not only developers and manufacturers of high-quality sliding shutters. We sometimes feel like artists in a world full of design possibilities.
A world that can also be your world. There are almost no limits to your ideas and inspirations. Because Baier is flexible and creates end products that meet every aesthetic requirement. Describe your idea to us – we at Baier have the right components, which are, of course, also available individually or partially assembled for fabricators and retailers.







RAL-Farbfächer der Firma Baier

RAL of choice

Baier folding sliding shutters can be delivered in all colour variants.

Powder coating of the individual folding sliding shutter components provides a wide range of design options. This allows us to create the appropriate product for each of your individual requirements.


Residential house Frankfurt

Different - and yet uniform. This upscale residential building in Frankfurt's Nordend district follows this maxim from the overall appearance down to the last detail. Natural stone instead of the Wilhelminian plaster façade, uniform privacy and sun protection in front of different window formats - with folding shutters from Baier.
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Residential house Dietersburg

Residential and agricultural farm buildings characterise the image of the community of Dietersburg in Lower Bavaria. Many are made entirely or partly of wood. Only at second glance does one recognise the new residential building with its modern wooden façade - and at third glance the windows inside, equipped with folding shutters by Baier.
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Wikus Headquarters

The striking appearance of the new building with its three storeys is reminiscent of stacked saw bands. Special sliding-folding shutter elements were designed for the cladding of the wide façade front and manufactured on the look of saw bands.
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Hombroich Sculpture Hall

Developing and building with lasting value at a high level - the family business from Renchtal fitted into the overall concept. Under architectural and artistic influences, large rooms with intelligently controllable direct as well as indirect light have been created.
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Simma Electronic Headquarters Egg

The striking façade of wood and folding sliding shutters made of dark metal makes the new company headquarters of Simma Electronic in Vorarlberg, Austria, an eye-catcher. 100 folding sliding shutter systems with large-area perforated sheet metal infill from Baier enable a pleasant working climate on hot days - and still provide daylight in the interior rooms.
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Private house Vienna

Living where others spend their free time. That sounds great at first. Many people are drawn there - residents and strollers. In order to achieve recreation and relaxation for the residents on the narrow site, the architect had to come up with something: folding sliding shutters from Baier that are flush with the façade.
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Microsonic Headquarters

This building on Lake Phoenix stands out! On a plot of around 4300 m², the architectural firm F&G Geddert planned the new headquarters of microsonic GmbH, which with its unique product range is one of the three largest and most innovative ultrasonic sensor manufacturers in the world.
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Apartment house in Renchen-Ulm

This new apartment building with 11 barrier-free flats was built in the centre of Renchen-Ulm. The client and the planning office agreed on a clear building language, smooth, flat surfaces in combination with the high-quality and low-maintenance materials glass and metal.
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Art Museum Basel

Folding sliding shutters were chosen to match the play of light and shadow and to shade the windows with a view of the city. The Baier GmbH company from Baden was able to meet the high demands for individuality, design, technical competence and many years of experience.
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Red Cube Youth Centre

Sometimes children and young people are a black box for adults - you don't really know what's going on inside them. So that they have their own space, there is the Red Cube youth centre in the municipality of Seebach. Thanks to folding sliding shutters in front of the openings, sometimes closed, sometimes open - just like the users themselves.
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