Lifting folding shutters

The sun protection for the modern façade

The modern façade design clearly reflects the style of the building – clear lines and smooth, plain surfaces are desired. With the addition of the folding lift shutter to its product range, Baier is responding to the increased demand for sun protection integrated into the façade.

Expert in modern façade design

Large-area window elements are fashionable, and the folding lift shutter system from Baier offers architects, planners and façade builders new design options when it comes to “moving façades”.

The lifting shutters enhance the world of modern façade design, both from a functional and aesthetic point of view. As a “compact package”, the vertical lift-up shutters fulfil the requirements for a practical, flush and secure closure of the façade with simultaneous sun protection.

Is it all just a façade?

Closed folding shutters reflect an even and homogeneous façade appearance. Modern architecture, in particular, appreciates smooth surfaces and standardised exterior architecture. Our lift-up folding shutters can be planked with any surface material – the design scope is huge. If desired, the movable façade elements are impossible to distinguish from the building envelope.

Once the lift-up folding shutter is open, the sash at the upper end of the unit is positioned in a v-shape in front of the façade. This position ensures stability, even with strong winds. Similar to a canopy, the overlapping “V” still provides adequate sun protection outdoors. The shade cast by the vertical folding shutter corresponds to an awning – the interior is pleasantly tempered.

Whether open or closed – our folding shutters integrate into the surface of the building and form a harmonious “whole”.


With Baier you are well advised

The application area of vertical folding shutters is very versatile – sun protection, user comfort and energy efficiency can be intelligently combined. It’s all a question of planning. We plan and design for every demand and requirement – individually and made to measure.


Residential house Dietersburg

Residential and agricultural farm buildings characterise the image of the community of Dietersburg in Lower Bavaria. Many are made entirely or partly of wood. Only at second glance does one recognise the new residential building with its modern wooden façade - and at third glance the windows inside, equipped with folding shutters by Baier.
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Steigenberger Inselhotel

In the spacious outdoor area of the Steigenberger Inselhotel, a modern guest garden was created - a combination of self-service and service. Over a width of 5.20 m and a height of 3.50 m, the façade and thus the bar area can be opened.
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Reventlouschule Kiel

Ailing and outdated schools are a nuisance nationwide. Remedying them poses great challenges for all involved. Flexibility and know-how are in demand - like Baier's suspended installation of the lifting folding system without counter in the new school canteen of a primary school in Kiel.
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Realschule refectory

In addition to subject and technical competence, the educational focus of the Realschule Au in der Hallertau is above all on teaching social skills. For the best possible support of the learning process, the extension building offers spacious communal areas such as the light-flooded canteen with a Baier lifting folding system.
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Parish hall Merklingen

The new bakehouse not only keeps the tradition of baking bread together alive, but also sees itself - as in grandmother's day - as a place of community. Unlike back then, today a folding lift shutter from Baier can be used as an interior partition for a wide variety of purposes.
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Research Institute Iris Adlershof

For the striking new building with a recessed glass foyer in the basement, the architects planned an expressive metal façade with functional folding shutters for the first and first floors.
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