Automatic doors

Safety and comfort with automatic doors

Automated doors are modern and fulfil various functions in buildings. They open and close automatically in response to movement, touch or the push of a button. In public facilities such as authorities and hospitals or entrance areas of supermarkets, drugstores, car dealerships, hotels, etc., automatic doors ensure an inviting and barrier-free entrance. All-glass or framed – we create it according to your wishes and requirements.

Modern entrance area

Entrance areas have always been the Centrepiece of a building. In addition to style and functionality, Baier is known for its modern automatic systems with the highest level of passive and active security.

From automatic doors to access controls, our solutions offer the entire range of entrance logistics. In addition to a wide range of automatic sliding doors and sliding windows, we can also supply intelligent problem solutions for opening gates, sliding shutters and interior doors.


Modern technology

Opening and closing – the use of the latest microprocessor and DC drive technology provides an individual solution for object-related access options.

Fenster, Türen, Fassaden, Automatiktüren
Automatiktür Küchenstudio

Single-leaf and symmetrical sliding doors

Shopping centres, office buildings, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, etc., are typical application areas for this classic among sliding doors. This door is also available as an emergency exit door. It can be realised in a single or double-leaf, symmetrical design. One door leaf slides to the left and one to the right.

Telescope sliding doors

are perfect for narrow glass façades in mullion-transom constructions – whenever the opening width is too small for a standard sliding door, or the space next to the door opening is too small. The door panels move telescopically into the parking position at different levels – a large opening width with comfortable access is possible.

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Automatic revolving doors

Add automation to your existing revolving doors, and we will implement a practical access system to satisfy your requirements. Whether as a fire door, barrier-free access in transport routes or as a non-contact and hygienic opening version – we take over the entire planning and implementation of your automatic door with a swing door drive.

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Automatiktüren, Drehtüren

Rafael Vargas / GEZE GmbH

Fenster, Türen, Fassaden

Round arch sliding doors

offer the essential spirit for special entrances.  The curved shape of the automatic sliding door is particularly suitable for impressive high-class entrances and can be arched inwards and outwards. Curved sliding doors made of elegant profiles are suitable for modern buildings as well as for historical buildings.

Folding wing doors

are used wherever there is not much space available. One or two pairs of wings fold away sideways to the inside on one or both sides.

Revolving doors

offer the essential spirit for special entrances. The curved shape of the automatic sliding door is especially suitable for impressive entrances and can be arched inwards and outwards. Curved sliding doors made of elegant profiles are ideal for modern buildings as well as for historical buildings.

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Ice cream manufacture Königschaffhausen

An automatic sliding door creates space in tight places with its mechanism and facilitates access, even with fully loaded hands. Two automatic doors from Baier "refine" the new production facility of the ice cream factory in Königschaffhausen.
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Blumencafé Ettenheim

Baier planned and installed a convenient door system that facilitates the daily workflow for the staff of the flower café in Blumen Kiesel s`Blumenhäfele in Ettenheim by opening and closing automatically.
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Visitors' Café Ortenau Clinic

The visitors' café at Offenburg Hospital presents itself as a bright and modern place for patients, staff and visitors to stay. A movable glass partition wall from Baier underlines the friendly ambience of the gastronomic space and offers numerous advantages.
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Bakery Dick Denzlingen

Since its renovation in 2020, the traditional bakery Dick in Denzlingen presents itself with a modernised salesroom and a completely glazed façade. Windows, sliding doors and glass showcase were manufactured by Baier and provide an appealing ambience.
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