Burglary protection

More security for your entrance door

Burglar resistance is also an important topic at Baier, as the number of burglaries is constantly increasing. The high break-in rate with appropriate preventive measures proves that additional protection pays off. Especially in buildings with an increased risk of burglary, for example, petrol stations, pharmacies, banks or shops with high-quality products, the main focus is the entrance door. Automatic sliding doors from Baier provide comfort and security in combination with energy optimization.


Burglary protection starts at the door – protect yourself

Convenient, barrier-free access during the day and burglary protection after closing time and especially at night. Baier automatic doors manage this balancing act in single and double-leaf versions and offer burglar-resistant security with a newly developed product. A mechanism precisely locks the automatic door – it is very difficult to lever out, push in or push open the door. If the power fails, the door can still be secured mechanically. Baier automatic doors are fully glazed with safety insulating glass, according to DIN EN 356. Powerful and innovative drives characterise Baier door systems and ensure reliable opening and closing of the door.

Automatiktür Einbruchschutz
Team Automatiktür

Baier handles the complete processing

Entrance doors should be resistant and burglar-proof.  We will advise you in detail and with pleasure, on-site and at the building to be equipped. Your door system, including burglary protection, is individually planned and manufactured by our experienced specialists.

Automatic doors, already installed, can be upgraded with our mechanical burglary protection at any time. Our services also include repairs and maintenance, also with an individual maintenance contract.