Sliding doors

Threshold-free transition with sliding doors

Sliding doors can be opened and closed without a swing space. As probably everyone knows, a sliding door is pushed open or closed – parallel to the wall. If there is no space to open a classic door or door panels that protrude into the room are considered annoying, a space-saving sliding door is a smart alternative.

Sliding doors always match

Sliding doors connect or separate elegantly and practically. Either as a spacious panoramic sliding door separating the interior from the exterior, an interior sliding door separating the kitchen from the dining room, or a functional room divider separating the production room from the sales area. Sliding doors are suitable for all kinds of requirements.

We manufacture according to your desires and requirements

Sliding doors are available in different types, sizes, designs and materials. Whether as a tightly closing patio door made of a combination of glass and aluminium or as an easy-care sliding door made of metal – we design and plan according to your ideas and, above all, customised.


Cap Ferrat, Nice

Baier shaded the corner glazing of a villa with sliding shutter segments á approx. 800 x 3,800 mm, coupled to two large systems. The special refinement here is that the two elements are "parked" behind a wall made of natural stone or natural rock.
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