Baier begins where standard ends

Our products are proof of our self-image. Each product is individually planned and implemented by us. For you, our customised solutions are the catalyst of your ideas and the guarantee for the requested execution of your orders.

But our promise does refer not only to the design but also the quality. With high demands on the moving components and material and workmanship, we ensure long functional efficiency and high customer satisfaction.

Metal construction expertise for the building enclosure

We specialise in movable components for roofs and façades, used wherever light and shading are essential.
To achieve this, we combine our passion for high-quality metal construction with reliable hardware technology and modern electronics
and realise your projects reliably and within the agreed budget.

Architectural sun protection:
We are aware of the architectural relevance of our sun protection systems as an integral part of the façade. With a wide selection of systems such as sliding, folding sliding or lifting folding shutters as well as sun protection slats and curtains, including object-specific implementation, you are provided with a wide range of design options.


Movable room closures:
In the façade and inside the building, flexible room closures increase functionality. Sliding windows turn wall openings into sales outlets and pass-throughs. Lifting folding shutters as counter closures allow the room to be used for two purposes – and thus increase the space available without adding additional areas.


Windows, doors and façades:
The building enclosure takes on several contrasting tasks at the same time. Protection from the weather, but also the lighting and accessibility of the building. With our window and door systems, you can set selective functional and design accents. Our mullion and transom façades and sliding stacking walls have a great effect on the whole surface.


Roof window shutters:
That’s where we come from. Everything that still distinguishes us and our roof window roller shutters today is already laid out in our beginnings: an understanding of lighting and shading, individual planning and reliable technology.


Building elements for the roof:
Access and lighting in the attic open up valuable rooms. With our attic stairs, roof windows and sliding roof windows, the attic becomes a valuable storage space or high-quality living space.

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Our products –
Your advantages

  • More design freedom:
    We think of every object in a new and individual way.
  • More partnership:
    We combine decades of experience with a spirit of innovation and creativity.
  • More quality:
    We rely on high-quality and durable materials and technology.
  • More service:
    We support you from the planning stage through realisation and, if you wish, right up to the installation.

Maintain and repair instead of replacing

Every product that does not have to be built protects the environment. Therefore, the long service life of existing products is an essential contribution to sustainability. We already do a lot with high-quality standards. On request, we also take care of the maintenance of moving parts, ensuring full functionality and an even longer life cycle.

But we go one step further. If necessary, we repair defective and older components of our systems. This way, you get the desired function back without having to replace the entire component. This is easy on your nerves, your wallet and the environment.

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