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Baier – moving façade elements

Baier moves. For over 40 years, Baier has specialized in the development, production and nationwide installation of moving façade elements. In addition to classic light metal construction, the range of services includes a portfolio of sliding shutters, sliding folding shutters and lifting folding shutters, sliding windows, drive technology, automatic doors, roof window roller shutters and door technology. Baier also acts as a dealer for roof windows of well-known brands.

Our Products

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Why Baier?

Baier begins where standard ends. In doing so, Baier focuses on sustainability. In function, in production, in design. We see ourselves as a reliable partner for builders, architects and artisans who have high expectations of individuality and perfection.

Baier Individual

We put all our experience into the realisation of large-scale projects with high quantities – no matter whether the environment and the general conditions or your corporate identity requires a unique solution. We adapt.

Our production is attuned to a quick product change, state-of-the-art technology and intelligent warehousing allow high quantities with absolute precision. We work within the given budget and know about the importance of completion dates because we are entrepreneurs like you. This is how we create unique large-scale objects for companies, authorities, organisations, health care facilities and municipalities.

We manufacture your idea on request and look after you from the concept to the construction, production, assembly and maintenance. Talk to us!

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