Revolving doors

Revolving doors

Add automation to your existing swing doors or realise your swing door as desired: It can be used in business, private and public buildings. Whether visibly mounted on the door lintel or invisibly recessed in the floor, you can add automation to your passageway with a swing door.

Convenient door solution with swing door drive

Revolving doors or swing doors can be individually used and are particularly suitable for narrow passageways. Existing entries can easily be upgraded and automated. Even heavy doors, such as historical wooden doors, etc., can be retrofitted and automatically driven.

Different control systems such as push buttons, motion detectors or access controls are possible – our experienced team will be happy to advise you on what is technically feasible and the right solution for the required area of application.

Door closers, either installed on the top of the door lintel or invisibly recessed into the floor, reliably close swing doors that should not remain open. Especially in public buildings, the increased safety regulations require self-closing variants.

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