Further door systems

Always a perfect door solution

Baier offers a wide range of automatic door systems. To be able to respond to all requirements and customer requests, we offer matching door systems of various types in addition to the automatic sliding doors in straight-line design. In addition to full consultation through the installation and assembly of automated door systems, we provide a comprehensive repair and maintenance service.


Quality and system

Whether new construction, renovation or modernisation – in close cooperation with our customers, we realise suitable door systems to meet all requirements: quality, function and design. Benefit from high-quality materials & our experience.

Folding doors for minimum space requirement

If, for reasons of space, neither a sliding nor a swing door is an option, a folding door is one possibility for creating an attractive and user-friendly entrance. The door panels swing to the side in the opening direction: either one-sided or two-sided opening or closing. The pairs of leaves are folded together automatically and positioned to the side to save space.


Comfort even in narrow spaces

Equipped with high-quality insulating glass, the folding leaf door is also suitable for closing off public buildings where energy efficiency is essential in addition to accessibility.

The automatic space saver is especially suitable for narrow hallways and corridors, where the largest possible passage width is required despite a narrow building opening.


Barrier-free transit

The automatic folding wing door not only solves space problems but is also perfectly suited in escape and rescue routes where a maximum emergency exit width is required. Our proven drive technology ensures reliable opening and closing.

automatische Faltflügeltür

Oliver Look / GEZE GmbH

Automatiktür, Karusselltür

Martin Jakob / GEZE GmbH

Our revolving doors know how to do it

In the modern entrance area, a revolving door meets the highest standards of function and comfort. The most varied design options (4-leaf, 3-leaf, with and without shop window) satisfy every desire and offer barrier-free passage. The revolving doors are available with and without night closure. The revolving doors are operated manually, in which case the person entering pushes the door panels, or automatically, in this case the door panels are set in motion by a motion detector.


Convenient and energy-efficient

Revolving doors function as a windbreak. They create a climatic separation, as the revolving door never allows direct passage from the inside to the outside and vice versa. Lightweight frames or all-glass variants turn your entrance area into a visual highlight.

Which revolving door solution is best suited for your project? Contact us for advice on the various designs.


Town Hall at the Market Achern

Here in the modernised "Rathaus Am Markt", there is a lot of public traffic - an entrance was needed that allows several people to enter the public building at the same time.
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