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The Steigenberger Inselhotel is listed in the internationally renowned guide “1000 Places to see before you die”.
as a place of interest in southern Germany. No wonder, the noble hostel, a former Dominican monastery, is located on a small island in Lake Constance not far from Constance’s old town. As part of a comprehensive renovation, the legendary lakeside terrace of the Steigenberger Inselhotel was extended to include the Rothaus beer garden. With a great view and directly on the lakeshore, 140 guests can enjoy the regional food offer plastic-free


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Steigenberger Inselhotel



Lifting folding shutter as a “façade opener”.

Baier stands for individuality and tailor-made solutions. Aesthetics, perfection and functionality are our standards, especially when it comes to planning and realising unusual and special projects. For the Rothaus beer garden of the Steigenberger Inselhotel in Constance, which is located on the lake, the metal construction company from Baden designed a large-scale façade element that can be opened at the touch of a button. What made the planning and production of this great project was certainly the dimension of this folding lifting shutter system. The façade can be opened over a width of 5.20 m and a height of 3.50 m. The folding shutter consists of two wings. The folding lift shutter, consisting of two wings, folds vertically upwards or downwards and opens or closes the access to the sales counter.

The trick with the “kink” – optimised radius of movement

The customised “opener” should be flush with the floor and the façade. This is made possible by a special joint designed by Baier. With this special technology, the sashes can be closed with a small gap dimension and “flush with the surface”. The patented “articulated joint” optimises the radius of movement, so that the lift-fold shutter system could be installed with a minimum distance to the floor. The technical details used for this are not visible from the outside – the architecture of the building remains unaffected.

Matching – lifting folding shutter and façade made of satinised frosted glass

The frame of the lift-fold system consists of modular extruded aluminium profiles. To match the style of the building, the lift-fold shutters were fitted with frosted glass. Laminated safety glass was used in accordance with the building specifications and safety requirements. Safety glass is sound-absorbing, robust, resistant to high temperature differences and thus provides the necessary safety.

A tear-resistant film located between the glass panes prevents the glass from losing stability in the event of breakage. To match the rest of the exterior façade, a matt film was chosen for the intermediate layer of the glass panes.

To prevent water from entering the building even during heavy rain and storms, the designers at Baier devised a “window sill” for the floor. The specially edged “water barrier” keeps the floor water out and protects the counter and bar from moisture.

Sliding window know-how used

For the implementation, realisation and motorisation of the lift-fold shutter, the Baier design team was able to draw on many years of experience in the design of sliding windows. The lift-fold system is driven by a motor coupled to a toothed belt. The frequency-controlled drive makes it possible to lift and lower with millimetre precision. Frequency-controlled drives reduce energy consumption, optimise motor speed control and extend the service life of the motors. In this way, the travel speeds could be variably adapted to the requirements. The two wings, each weighing 400 kg, open and close with reduced starting current, shocks are avoided and wear is reduced. The tried-and-tested carriage system with plastic-encased stainless steel ball bearings ensures a high load-bearing capacity and the necessary smooth running during the opening and closing process. A TÜV-tested system was used for the integrated fall protection.

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