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As a branch of the Karl-Meichelbeck-Realschule Freising, the Realschule Au in der Hallertau moved into a renovated building in 2017. Due to increasing pupil numbers and high demand, the need for a larger space quickly became apparent. The result is an extension for around 10 million euros with a hybrid construction of reinforced concrete and wood, for which the architect Gabor Freivogel is responsible. Additional classrooms and learning areas for the subjects of handicrafts, chemistry and physics are flanked by spacious communal areas for open all-day supervision.


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Modern recreation areas for all-day care

A central component of the open all-day care is also the newly built cafeteria, which meets the most modern requirements thanks to natural materials, atmospheric colours and a functional lifting system. The design requirements can also be seen in fixtures such as the circular ceiling elements. On the one hand acoustically effective, on the other hand a design element, attention was also paid here to a child- and youth-friendly design in colour, form and materiality.

Flexible room design for sustainable learning success

According to headmistress Kerstin Liese, the students’ greatest wishes for the new school building included the following things: trees and benches in a large playground, colourful doors, a school library and a beautiful cafeteria. In combination with the teachers’ wishes such as modern learning zones, rooms flooded with light or usable outdoor space, a school extension has been created that, together with the existing building, leaves nothing to be desired. The canteen, in particular, meets these requirements: as part of the all-day supervision, the children can have a warm meal here at lunchtime and then use the space individually for learning and homework.

Red lifting folding unit with green core

The central element of the multifunctional area is the food counter where the children can pick up their hot lunch. The hatch can be opened at break times and closed at other times, so that the kiosk can be used. The food counter, as the heart of the canteen, is clad all around with red fibre cement panels, the colour of which was chosen to match the colour of the ceiling. As a strong contrast to the outer red, a complementary apple green was chosen for the inner core of the food counter. The contrasting nature of these colours creates a high identification potential and a clear demarcation between inside and outside. In combination with delicate strip parquet flooring, wooden wall elements and furniture, a warm and open spatial impression is created that invites people to linger and relax.

Extra-wide food serving for maximum openness

The Renchen-based company Baier specialises in individual and customised solutions for lifting folding systems. They are used in particular in schools and large kitchens to allow for closure during operating hours. The challenge in Hallertau was the dimensioning of the element. With a width of 4.3 m and a height of about 2.1 m and the full-surface filling of fibre cement, it is also particularly heavy. Due to the excess width of the lifting folding system, the silver anodised profiles had to be additionally reinforced with square tubes made of aluminium. A full-surface bracing with screwed aluminium sheeting provides further stability.

Assembly with a sophisticated system

As the width of the element meant that there was no more room for counterweights on the sides, the running track had to be extended in height without the infill panel on the outside also moving upwards. Although in this case the customer took over the installation himself, Baier was on hand to advise on safe and professional installation. The lifting folding system was installed in an internal steel frame, which meant that the overheight running rails had to be threaded between the steel pipes so that they could then be firmly connected. Above the running rails sits the electric drive, operated with 24 V, which is responsible for opening and closing the shutter by means of dead man’s control.

All-round successful overall result

The entire cooperation was uncomplicated and smooth, so that in the end a well-rounded overall result can be seen. Bright, open and with colourful accents, the canteen is now available to the ever-increasing number of pupils and can be flexibly occupied and used.

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