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One of the oldest documents in the Amberg city archive dates back to 1269 – the documentation of the city rights. Since then, the collection has grown and been spared from damage and loss. Today, the archive of the city of Amberg is considered one of the most important city archives in Bavaria.

The idea of housing the valuable collection in one of the city’s most important architectural monuments was obvious: the electoral carriage house from 1615. The building with its imposing decorative gable characterises the face of the old town. But after a long period of temporary use as an outbuilding of the Schießl brewery, the building stood empty and visibly deteriorated.


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Folding scissor shutters support new use in the historic stock

In order for the listed building to meet the high requirements for archive rooms, an architectural tour de force was required. The historical building fabric and the new use with its high qualitative and functional demands had to become one unit.

The team from gildehaus.partner architekten opted for a house-in-house solution. They placed a two-storey building in the old walls.

The task: Appropriate visual and solar protection in a listed environment

Users enter the archive through the old courtyard wall and reach the newly constructed entrance building. In addition to the foyer, the reading room and the administration are housed here. Since the new building fills the niche between the carriage house and the neighbouring buildings, it was only possible to provide light via the courtyard façade.

The inner courtyard also takes modern requirements into account. The open-air area is used as a small car park. In order to protect the privacy of the readers and archive staff, a privacy screen was necessary. At the same time, it should also shield direct sunlight, which can be dazzling when reading and working on the computer.

Stadtarchiv Amberg

© gildehaus.partner

Stadtarchiv Amberg

© gildehaus.partner

The solution: Filigree folding scissor shutter as exterior window cladding

Those responsible for the project at gildehaus.partner architekten describe the challenges posed by such a change of use: “The integration of the new function into a historically significant building that has a strong influence on the cityscape is associated with conflicts. Resolving these conflicts and also the path to this solution was a demanding task for all involved.”

It is good to be able to rely on reliable and competent partners during planning and implementation. This is why Baier was chosen for the realisation of the privacy and sun protection.

The expert for movable sun protection systems not only has in-depth know-how, but also the necessary architectural awareness for such a challenge.

Individually and infinitely adjustable

Baier developed and manufactured folding scissor shutters instead of the more common sliding folding shutters for the system at the Amberg municipal archives. With folding scissor shutters, the sun protection elements are guided on scissor grids at the top and bottom.

  • Like sliding folding shutters, they stand at right angles to the façade when completely open. Similar to vertical blinds, the opening angle of folding scissor systems can be adjusted as required. The incidence of daylight and sunlight can thus be regulated individually and continuously. The interior of the room is protected from unwanted heating. In addition to the pleasant temperatures, the shadows cast by the expanded metal shutters with their interesting lighting moods provide a corresponding feel-good ambience.

Solving structural conflicts together

Baier developed and manufactured two four-panel and one six-panel system for Amberg, which are perfectly matched to the requirements of the demanding property.

  • Even when half-open, folding scissor shutters provide effective protection from sun, wind and unwanted glances.
  • The narrow folding scissor shutter elements save space due to their small projection. This means that the small inner courtyard can be used more effectively.
  • Together with the filling made of expanded metal with mesh dimensions of 28x9x2 mm, a very filigree appearance is created that is restrained in comparison to the listed old building.
  • Nevertheless, the function is fully fulfilled so that users and employees can read and work undisturbed in the building.
  • A motorised control via switch from inside the building completes the comfort.

All-round frame made of aluminium sheet

But Baier did not just integrate the sun and privacy protection systems conceptually into the architecture. They are literally part of the window construction. Each of the three systems sits in a circumferential frame made of aluminium sheet. Lintel cladding and window sill are combined with the upper and lower guides respectively.

The entire construction, including the shutter and infill, is uniformly coated in pearl beige. The discreet colour tone contributes to the harmonious overall appearance.

The Amberg City Archive project shows that small and fine details can often have a big effect. Baier solved the existing structural conflicts by pulling together with the planners.

If you are also looking for a competent partner for movable sun protection, give us a call. We will be happy to advise you.

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