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BKA Wiesbaden. Baier manufactures sliding shutters that follow the position of the sun! Baier GmbH from Renchen-Ulm supplied an essential design and functional element for the façade of the Federal Criminal Police Office in Wiesbaden.
An essential design and functional element of the façade on the new building of the Federal Criminal Police Office in Wiesbaden are the sliding shutters. The aluminium profile system for the more than 200 hangings was specially designed for this building project.




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A.I.S. GmbH aus Willich

Modern sliding shutter system from Baier GmbH shapes the architecture of the BKA building in Wiesbaden

The construction time for an extension to the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) in Wiesbaden was around three years. The modern and functional building, which houses offices and laboratories of the Forensic Institute, meets the current requirements and future needs of the fight against crime. The new building has ensured that forensic research at the BKA can continue to be conducted effectively and on a state-of-the-art basis. The five-storey building has more than 12,500 square metres of main floor space and complements an existing office building on a relatively limited plot of land. In this respect, all functions had to be accommodated in the compact 5-storey building in a future-proof manner with regard to flexible use and installation.

Sliding shutters from Baier set the tone

The specially dimensioned, elliptical slat, screwed to the flat frame profile loosens up the modern building. A very interesting detail is the floor guide integrated directly into the frame profile.

On the south and east façades, the systems are motorised. The special drive with path measurement and matching control electronics follows the path of the sun exactly by means of the house bus. This ensures that the rooms are always shaded. If necessary, the room user can move the sunshade independently as usual and take it out of automatic mode.

Drive solution convinced client and architects

Baier GmbH provided a special solution in connection with the drive of the aluminium sliding shutters: the motor with travel measurement. In order to ensure continuous shading, the sliding shutter curtains are automatically moved in connection with the house control bus and follow the position of the sun. The control plan and the corresponding electronic development originate from the Baden metal construction company. The motor reports to the control system how far it has travelled. In this way, the specially developed control electronics can position the blind and move it a defined distance. Alternatively, the room user can also control the blinds manually.

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The challenge for Baier GmbH in this project was that the sliding shutters were to be integrated into the glass façade. Baier "hid" the fittings and drives behind the glass elements.

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The requirements of the authorities for the protection of historical monuments are set against the wishes of the user for a practicable and cost-effective solution. In the case of the "Fernmeldeamt" listed building in Berlin, the parties have found a consensus - the Baier sun protection louvre, which is in keeping with the listed building.

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Forensic Institute

Baier created the aluminium profile system for the more than 200 hangings at the BKA in Wiesbaden especially for this building project. Flexibility and individualism are always in at Baier. We work according to the customer's wishes.

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