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About the object

Round and in the middle of it all was the former reception desk of the Building Department H13 in Munich’s Technical City Hall. What was certainly an eye-catcher for visitors turned out to be an increasing burden for the staff. Severe draughts, a lack of safety precautions, a lack of height-adjustable workstations or even non-existent retreat options were the result.


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From round to square

The foyer of the Building Department H13 in Munich’s Technical City Hall was to be converted to make it more user-friendly. In consultation with the departments involved, the planners from Pöhlmann + Krompass Planungs- und Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH decided without further ado not to simply convert the Infothek, but to relocate it to a closed room previously used as an office. Thanks to the wooden framing and the elegant vertical sliding apron by Baier, the reception area shines in a new splendour and provides a significantly improved working atmosphere.

The courage to take a corner – also with our sliding window solution

Due to the conversion of the former office space into an information desk, the planners had to come up with something so that visitors could find their way directly there despite the decentralised position. This was achieved by clearly defining the corner situation of the building. A surrounding, clearly visible wooden construction with a recessed light band and movable elements creates an inviting atmosphere. Defined as a special building element by the wooden elements, the Infothek thus separates itself from the rest of the office space and creates a direct connection to the visitors.

Despite the extensive range of sliding windows, a special solution had to be found in this building project: Baier was on hand to advise as early as the planning phase and, together with the planners, developed individual elements that were aimed at the special needs of the installation.

Fixed glazing and vertical sliding

The uninsulated window element, as it is located in the interior, consists of a total of four components. Two of the movable elements are arranged at the high counter and were produced and delivered in the clear opening dimensions of 1421 x 910 mm. Another sliding apron has clear opening dimensions of 990 x 910 mm and is supplemented at the corner by fixed glazing with external dimensions of 860 x 1400 mm including corner coupling of 90°. The three single-leaf sliding sashes move up and down by motor with patented fall protection.

Counterweights provide weight compensation. These are stainless steel tubes cast with lead and connected to the sash by stainless steel cables. Mechanics, drive and technology are visually invisible. The drive and control technology was supplied in a separate control box. In order to be able to control the elements optimally, the control system type Hyperion I, specially developed by Baier, was used. For safety reasons, the control system may only be operated in dead man’s mode by instructed personnel. The elements are set in motion by pressing a switch and move either up or down. The said dead man’s switch ensures that as soon as the user has released the button, an additional switching action is necessary for restarting.

Dimmed for more privacy

The glazing is 8 mm laminated safety glass. In order to enable undisturbed working when the window elements are closed, the planners in Munich opted for dimmable glass that can be electrically switched. To visually complement the warm wooden construction of the Infothek, the surface of the frame profiles was powder-coated in DB 702. The conversion fulfils all aspects of contemporary architecture. In future, the staff will no longer be exposed to draughts and will also have the opportunity to withdraw when their work requires it or when they need to rest. The advantages of sliding windows are obvious. Both in front of and behind the window, free use and furnishing of the room is possible, as the opening sash does not protrude into the room. Despite the fact that the window appears to be closed, the desired ventilation cross-section can be selected as desired by opening the window just a crack wide. And even in the event of a strong draught, there are no slamming windows because the opening sash is rigid and cannot be caught by the wind.

Visitors and staff alike are more than satisfied with the new reception situation. And so is Baier. If you are interested in standard or special solutions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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