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The Museum Island, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1999, is located in the historic centre of Berlin. The new city quarter FORUM an der MUSEUMSINSEL® is located in the immediate vicinity. The Bavarian entrepreneur Ernst Freiberger has acquired the 31-hectare site and is investing a sum in the hundreds of millions in the expansion of the buildings, which date back three centuries.


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Forum Museumsinsel GmbH & Co. KG



Listed buildings characterise Berlin’s cityscape

Among the buildings steeped in history from various architectural eras is the “Fernsprechamt”. It was built in the expressionist Art Deco style by the architect Felix Gentzen in a record time of one year. The representative red brick building stood empty for a long time. Now that it has been renovated in keeping with its status as a listed building, the imposing building is being used again – retail and service companies are located in the ground-floor areas, while employees of a large IT company from the New Economy work in the modern loft offices with their historical charm.

Historic sun protection

The preservation of the building fabric is a top priority in the preservation of historical monuments. The state law on the protection of historical monuments stipulates a so-called duty of preservation, which includes, among other things, the maintenance of the roof structure and the roofing. The requirements of the monument protection authorities are set against the wishes of the user for a practicable and cost-effective solution.

Well camouflaged – Baier supplies shading for skylights suitable for listed buildings

The protection of historical monuments places special demands on roof renovation. Changes to roof surfaces that are relevant to the appearance of a building may not be carried out without permission. As a rule, roof windows that can be seen from the street and public places are not approved – any change to the exterior appearance is not desired.

In the case of the Berlin architectural monument “Fernmeldeamt”, the parties found a consensus – the listed sun protection louvre by Baier. 24 roof windows were equipped with a rigid sun protection louvre solution. Attached to the base body of a roof window roller shutter, eight Z-slats shade the 940mm x 1600 mm windows. The colour-matched sun protection slats made of extruded aluminium thus ensure a uniform façade appearance, sun protection included. And all this without restricting the functions for operating the skylights.

Similar references

Roof window replacement Achern

The choice between renovation and new installation presents many a building owner with a tricky decision. In the case of the private residence in Achern, repairing the torn roller shutter belt would have been so costly that the building owners decided to replace it and thus enlarge the skylight with an external roller shutter.

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Heitlinger Golf Resort

Wide landscapes and lots of sun - these are the ideal conditions for good wine and for invigorating games of golf. The Heitlinger Golf Resort in Kraichgau offers both. But what pleases the wine lover can disturb the golfer. Rigid sun protection from Baier lets both get their money's worth.

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BID Coburg

The challenge for Baier GmbH in this project was that the sliding shutters were to be integrated into the glass façade. Baier "hid" the fittings and drives behind the glass elements.

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E100 Residential and commercial building Cologne

The unusual metal façade and the folding sun protection at E100 in Cologne make the residential and commercial building in Ehrenstraße a real eye-catcher. The Baier company provided the necessary know-how and designed the drive as a special solution for the storey-high, metal sliding-folding shutters.

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Telecommunications Office Berlin

The requirements of the authorities for the protection of historical monuments are set against the wishes of the user for a practicable and cost-effective solution. In the case of the "Fernmeldeamt" listed building in Berlin, the parties have found a consensus - the Baier sun protection louvre, which is in keeping with the listed building.

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General Dr Speidel Barracks

The two new accommodation buildings resemble the existing barracks buildings - if it weren't for the sliding shutter systems by Baier in three fresh shades of green. They not only make the two new buildings special, but also provide individual comfort inside.

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Infothek Baureferat

The round and open counter in the entrance area of the technical town hall in Munich was easy to find and representative - but the employees could not work comfortably here. Today, visitors are welcomed by a friendly corner solution framed in wood, complete with sliding aprons and fixed glazing from Baier.

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Fire station Kenzingen

The 23-metre high hose and training tower of the fire station in Kenzingen at the northern entrance to the town can be seen from afar. Air- and light-permeable sliding shutters from Baier with aluminium elliptical slats complement the industrial-looking façade.

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Forensic Institute

Baier created the aluminium profile system for the more than 200 hangings at the BKA in Wiesbaden especially for this building project. Flexibility and individualism are always in at Baier. We work according to the customer's wishes.

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