Glückstein residential quarter Mannheim

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In the heart of Mannheim, the new Glückstein Quarter combines working, living, gastronomy and small retail. Under the project name LIV Mannheim, the Mannheim planning office Schmucker und Partner and the construction company Diringer & Scheidel planned and built two L-shaped buildings on six floors that are oriented mirror-inverted to each other. As part of the quarter, the modern apartment blocks are located directly next to the so-called Lokschuppen, which is used as a cultural centre. In order to give the historic building sufficient visibility in terms of urban development, the planners deliberately refrained from completely exploiting their own plot. Instead, they integrated large, partly public, partly private open spaces. In order to offer the residents further privacy outdoors, the balconies of the flats in the residential block are set back and equipped with a translucent privacy screen.


Schmucker und Partner








Diringer & Scheidel

Sliding shutters from Baier combine modern design and privacy protection

To ensure that the residents on their loggias do not feel as if they are on display, the Baier company was commissioned with a sliding shutter system that would provide reliable sun and privacy protection. The planners’ wish: The sliding shutters should also be architecturally worth seeing and set the scene for the bright plaster façade. The sun protection expert Baier accepted the challenge and produced 210 modern sliding shutters made of coated expanded metal in a golden tone. The highlight: the sliding elements not only protect against the sun, but also turn the loggias into light- and air-permeable outdoor living spaces. There is no need to fear curious glances from passers-by here.

Gold-coloured balcony shading made of expanded metal

The building and its shading system are also eye-catching from the street side. The ground floor, which houses small shops and gastronomic offerings, is set slightly back in the building complex so that it hardly catches the eye of the observer. The façade of the upper six floors, on the other hand, is quite different: its grid pattern with large window elements, French balconies made of metal and the loggias is striking. Each group of windows and each balcony has up to four sliding shutters, whose golden RAL colour contrasts with the old white plaster façade. To create a homogeneous look, even the sheet metal cladding, behind which the upper running rails are hidden, was coated in gold. Incidentally, a matt coating was deliberately chosen: This way, the sliding shutters do not dazzle even in strong sunlight.

Robust and air-permeable: Sliding shutter model Freiburg with expanded metal mesh

In order to realise the special shading system, the sliding shutter model Freiburg from Baier was used, whose frame is made of extruded aluminium. In this case, expanded metal was chosen as the filling – a material that is now becoming increasingly popular with architects. Its special feature: the openings of the lattice are created by staggered cuts with simultaneous stretching of the material. This creates many small bonnets that function like countless, tiny sunshade slats. Nevertheless, good rear ventilation is guaranteed and the components behind the shutters are protected from the weather.

It’s all in the mix: Between manual and motorised operation

The installations on Glückstein-Allee are not only convincing because of their individual production, but are also interesting because of the clever combination of manually and motor-operated sliding shutters. The effect of these combinations: Day after day, a varied façade appearance is created on the building. The sliding shutters on the balconies, which were realised with corner solutions, are operated manually. This is particularly practical because the shutters can be quickly pushed to the side when needed.

In front of the window units, on the other hand, there are 36 motor-operated telescopic systems in the deep window reveals, which can be operated from the inside and are responsible for closing and opening the sun protection. This makes the operation of the shutters safe even at great heights. One of the sliding shutters is basically fixed.

Professional installation even in challenging times

In order for office employees and residents to be able to benefit directly from the advantages of the modern shading solution when they moved in, timely completion, delivery and installation were decisive parameters for the success of the project. Despite significant delivery problems with materials, as is currently the case in many industries, Baier was able to deliver and install its sliding shutters for the large construction site in the usual quality and on time.

Trust in expert knowledge from Baier

Sun shading and privacy screens are our passion – especially when an architectural design requirement is added. We work with you to plan everything from the smallest installations to large-scale projects such as residential buildings, kindergartens, schools and restaurants. Regardless of whether you want a custom-made product, a special coating, with motorised telescopic systems, with manual operation or a simple off-the-shelf model: we make what you want possible.

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Residential house Nordhorn

It is not difficult to regulate how much of the outside is allowed to penetrate into the inside and vice versa in the residential house in Nordhorn: privacy and sun protection elements from Baier provide more or less views and insights at the touch of a button.

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Residential buildings Prinz-Eugen Park

For the striking new building with a recessed glass foyer in the basement, the architects planned an expressive metal façade with functional folding shutters for the first and first floors.

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Dr. Murken Residential Park

Sliding shutters from Baier fit in perfectly with the modern architecture of the building in Dr. Murken's residential park. The possibility of operating them by motor was a great advantage here.

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Hallschlag residential quarter

The revitalisation of Hallschlag is one of the largest construction projects of Stuttgarter Wohnungs- und Städtebaugesellschaft (SWSG). A total of 161 new flats with a good 11,300 square metres of living space have been built in the Lübecker and Dessauer Straße construction area and will be completed in 2019. Eight of the twelve houses are equipped with colourful sliding shutters including guidance by Baier.

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Residential construction in Stuttgart Hallschlag

Attractive residential building in Stuttgart, Hallschlag. Sliding shutters with HPL panels (high-pressure laminate).

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Housing value improvement in Dessau

For this building, the Seelbach architects' office aimed for a self-contained façade design. In order to meet this requirement, Baier developed a cross-floor support profile.

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The name says it all: the two apartment buildings marketed under the name Ginnheimer Gärten offer each owner sufficient private free space - and in Frankfurt. Baier provided privacy with a perfectly coordinated combination of balcony partitioning and sliding shutters.

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