Penny Market Rheinau

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The Rewe Group has come up with a new concept for the Penny subsidiary. The logistics , product quality and shop design for the Penny stores were to be improved. The new look is being implemented bit by bit throughout Germany. The new building of the Penny shop in Freistett was also adapted to the new noble design. Parts of the white plaster façade were clad with untreated cedar wood. Large façade elements in plain grey characterise the modern, cube-like new building. A pleasant shopping experience in a modern ambience is offered to the Freistetters and customers from the surrounding area and from neighbouring France.




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Building owner

Penny Markt



Mullion-transom façade as the company’s business card

Both from the outside and the inside, the cube-like building was to convey a feeling of modernity, transparency and openness to potential customers.

Large façade surfaces made of aluminium and glass were realised.

Baier supplied and installed the large-scale façade construction in post-and-beam design. The advantage: the individual elements could be prefabricated in the nearby factory in Renchen-Ulm and easily connected on site.

Despite the different areas of use by the restaurant, pharmacy and supermarket, the façade offers a uniform appearance of the entire building from the outside. The particularly narrow face width of the façade profiles enabled a filigree design with high stability. Due to the variable construction depth of the profiles, even high glass façades are possible without intermediate supports.

Transparency and protection from the sun with solar control glass

Glass façade elements create bright, light-flooded rooms. Special solar control glass was used to protect the building from excessive solar radiation. A special coating on the outer pane of the insulating glass used reflects part of the visible and invisible solar radiation. The enormously high light transmission of the solar control glass ensures plenty of daylight inside the building. At the same time, the total energy transmittance of the solar control glass prevents the building from heating up too much and ensures a pleasantly cool indoor climate.

Lift-and-slide door separates smoking area

Another highlight of this building project is the lift-and-slide door that separates the restaurant from the adjacent smoking area. By glazing the entire partition wall, the room remains visually as large as possible and yet separates the two rooms optimally from each other in terms of ventilation. In contrast to ordinary sliding elements, a lift-and-slide door offers a significantly better seal and thus, if desired and required, also better insulation. Another advantage is the large opening width: Since the sash weight is not suspended from the frame at the top, as is usually the case, but is supported at the bottom with the help of runners, significantly heavier and thus also larger sashes are possible, which hardly take up any space in the room, even when open, because they slide on next to the fixed sashes.

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Doors should be practical and look good. Baier supplied functional and visually appealing door solutions for the modern Edeka store - e.g. a swing door as a practical link between the sales and production areas in the meat department.

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Ice cream manufacture Königschaffhausen

An automatic sliding door creates space in tight places with its mechanism and facilitates access, even with fully loaded hands. Two automatic doors from Baier "refine" the new production facility of the ice cream factory in Königschaffhausen.

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Andreas Männle Winery

Baier GmbH was commissioned with all the glass and façade work that was to be carried out in the new building. This included the mullion and transom façade, the automatic doors, the smoke and fire protection elements, the windows, the complete entrance area to the vinotheque, in principle everything: from the cellar to the sales rooms.

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Bakery Huber

The newest branch of the Huber bakery is located opposite the Waldulm winegrowers' cooperative. Everything about this "gem" simply fits - from the terrace to the shop fittings to the entire façade with its large, steel-grey window elements.

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Cap Ferrat Nice

Baier shaded the corner glazing of a villa with sliding shutter segments á approx. 800 x 3,800 mm, coupled to two large systems. The special refinement here is that the two elements are "parked" behind a wall made of natural stone or natural rock.

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Gaisbacher Hof

Up to 120 people can be catered for in the magnificent garden restaurant of the Gaisbacher Hof. An automatic door and a vertical sliding window from Baier optimise workflows by efficiently connecting the outdoor and indoor areas.

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An automatic sliding door creates space in tight places with its mechanism and facilitates access, even with fully loaded hands. Two automatic doors from Baier "refine" the new production facility of the ice cream factory in Königschaffhausen.

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Geroldsauer Mühle

The Geroldsauer Mühle impresses with its material presence, the high quality in detail and its versatility. Baier's product range fitted the concept perfectly. Baier equipped the entrance area with an automatic door with approval for the escape and rescue route.

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Isar-Amper Clinic Munich-Haar

Specially coated sliding glass shutters from Baier shade the tubular building and let enough daylight into the room. The modernisation created contemporary buildings with floor-to-ceiling windows, open reception counters and courtyards with a friendly ambience.

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Basement foundation hall

With the newly built hall for assembly and repair work, Keller Grundbau GmbH strengthens its presence in Renchtal, Baden. Baier, a veteran in façade design, windows and doors, was allowed to work for Keller Grundbau GmbH.

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Loft look sliding door

In a district of Offenburg, an old half-timbered house was given a new lease of life. Old and new, modern and antique - here, a tasteful mix and different furnishing styles were combined in an appealing way. A trendy glass and metal partition wall with an industrial look was installed in the entrance area to protect against the cold, as it were as a windbreak.

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Apartment house in Ulm

In the immediate vicinity of the Bauhöfer family brewery, an attractive apartment building was built in solid solid construction. With 11 self-contained flats on 3 floors, the house offers barrier-free and thus age-appropriate living space in the centre of Ulm.

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Animal Shelter Karlsruhe

The dog house, which was getting on in years and no longer up to date, was renovated. The newly built "dog hotel" offers homeless four-legged friends a home with special comfort. Baier planned and manufactured so-called "sliding dog house doors".

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Administration building fischer group

The new triangular administration building of the Fischer Group posed a challenge to the designers of the metal façade with its acute angles and staggered grid. Baier's performance was top-notch. The requirements were optimally solved with know-how and architectural understanding.

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Residential house at the Tegernsee

The wooden slats were supplied by a local woodworker and applied to the black powder-coated frames. The Baden-Bavarian cooperation led to a visually appealing result and underlines the closeness to nature without a rustic ambience.

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Residential house Berlin Engeldamm

It is a new building, characterised by transparent façades, sliding panels, exposed concrete and large balconies. Modernity meets listed buildings in the neighbourhood. Baier takes the comfort of the residents into account. The Baier sun and privacy protection always gives the house a new face.

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