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This pretty half-timbered house has tradition and charm. The fantastically large plot with stream and the generous, modern extension make this home a little paradise. Particularly in the Ortenau region, half-timbered houses have a long tradition. The half-timbered construction is related to today’s wooden post and beam construction of modern prefabricated houses. The historical half-timbered houses are also “supported” by a wooden skeleton of braced wooden beams. In contrast to modern prefabricated houses, the wooden interstices used to be filled with clay and straw, occasionally also with masonry. Made this way, walls can absorb and release moisture.





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Baier manufactures sliding door element in industrial look

With a modern extension and careful renovation, this property was given a new lease of life. Here, old and new, modern and antique, have been tastefully combined. The former mini-rooms of the half-timbered cottage were transformed into an open-plan living area – a great room with an open fireplace and exposed wooden beams. Entrance area, living room, kitchen and dining room are almost one – the areas flow smoothly into each other.

Cleverly planned partition wall system saves energy and skilfully sets the scene for the entrance area

To prevent cold air from outside from entering the interior, a sliding door element with glazing bars was retrofitted. The filigree metal and glass construction was designed in a modern industrial look. High-quality, filigree and functional – the simple robustness of the metal and the elegance of the glass come into their own in the nostalgic setting. As a “windbreak”, the trendy glass element provides thermal protection and keeps out the cold. At the same time, the sliding door with glazing bars acts as a perfect room divider between the hallway and the living rooms.

A touch of “industrial style” – with the sliding door element in the entrance area.

When you enter, the living area is revealed in its full size – the glass partition with the glazing bar sliding doors creates visual contact with the cosy kitchen and the modern staircase. The filigree sliding door element in industrial look consists of two fixed elements in combination with a double-leaf glass sliding door. Glass has a modern effect and ensures sufficient brightness and transparency – the combination with the slender aluminium bars for the industrial window look.

Familiar industrial window look – new technology

The “jewel” with industrial charm designed by Baier separates the entrance to the house from the living area in an extremely chic and clever way. The rather small entrance area is acoustically and visually separated by the “vestibule”, but still appears open and spacious. The soft stops integrated into the running track ensure that the sliding elements move quietly and safely. The door is gently braked by a stopper shortly before the end of the runway. An automatic closing mechanism ensures that the door closes completely.

Baier has the specialists and the necessary know-how

Those who choose a half-timbered house opt for living with history, characteristic low ceilings, old beams and uneven walls. Renovation or, as here, retrofitting, calls for “doers” with a sure instinct – crooked walls, ceilings and floors had to be skilfully compensated for when installing the partition wall system. Baier manufactures to measure – individually and exactly according to your wishes and ideas. Depending on the project, sliding door elements can be made with float glass, toughened safety glass or laminated safety glass. If you have any unusual ideas, please contact us and perhaps send us a sketch. We will prepare a personal “made to measure” offer for you.

Please contact us, we will also be happy to visit you if necessary.

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