Architect’s Villa Zehnpfennighof

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Villas of various ages, listed buildings, quiet residential area with the best neighbourhood, an exclusive location, rural with access to the city of Cologne – what more could you want? The area is known for its modern and yet traditional – historic structure and building fabric. When converting or extending a building, one is therefore interested in adapting the design to the surroundings or to fit in optically, but in no case to disturb the appearance.


Corneille Uedingslohmann







Modern architect’s villa in Cologne

Especially in modern architecture, flush façades play a major role. Large window areas and high aesthetic demands make it necessary to break new ground. In this specific project example, the Baier GmbH team used the Premium 70 system for the first time – and immediately with great success. The large window areas, embedded in a rendered façade, are completely concealed by the folding sliding shutters when closed. The frames are fitted with vertical wooden slats which, when closed, create a uniform façade appearance thanks to the narrow joints.

Hinges, carriages, guide rails etc. are concealed behind the infill panel. Thanks to a clever choice of colours with black coated frames as well as hardware and drive parts, these are almost invisible in the shadow gaps.

Aesthetics and functional design

The front edge of the wooden slats is the same as the front edge of the upper plaster level. This is possible because the hardware and drive technology is offset to the rear of the infill. This allows the necessary technology to be concealed by the façade. Here, too, the clever choice of colour allows the top tracks and motors to fade into the background. In spite of all the aesthetics, importance is naturally also attached to functional design. As is customary at Baier, the wooden slats are screwed onto special aluminium profiles and are thus ventilated from behind. This constructive wood protection increases the longevity.

Hölzerner Sicht- und Sonnenschutz "Faltschiebeläden"

Functional sliding shutter drive

As with the Premium 60 and Premium 61 folding-sliding shutter systems, each carriage of the Premium 70 is controlled by its own motor. This means that the system can not only be reliably opened and closed at the touch of a button, but also remains stable in intermediate positions. The system is held securely in both the open and closed position by special hardware components that are concealed in the frames and by the special engagement and disengagement technology. The individual leaves virtually stabilise each other to form a complete system.

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Młyn Maria Wroclaw

In the centre of Wroclaw, the historic Młyn Maria mill complex was revitalised in a unique mix of old and new building elements. Silos, warehouses and mills once stood here; today the complex offers space for 120 modern flats. A special feature is the corrugated metal façade with sliding folding shutters by Baier.

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Apartment house in Renchen-Ulm

This new apartment building with 11 barrier-free flats was built in the centre of Renchen-Ulm. The client and the planning office agreed on a clear building language, smooth, flat surfaces in combination with the high-quality and low-maintenance materials glass and metal.

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New building in Bühl

Baier GmbH was commissioned with the execution of the entire façade, the sliding folding shutters on the upper floor and the windows. It was to be something special, regional materials and yet it was not to be "old-fashioned" in any way.

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Private house Vienna

Living where others spend their free time. That sounds great at first. Many people are drawn there - residents and strollers. In order to achieve recreation and relaxation for the residents on the narrow site, the architect had to come up with something: folding sliding shutters from Baier that are flush with the façade.

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Single-family house Seckau

In this bungalow in Styria, Austria, the architects Gerhard Sacher combined sun protection and façade design into an inseparable unit. The focal point is a glazed terrace front facing the garden, which is shaded by two 6-panel sliding-folding shutter systems made of coated aluminium sheet.

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Private guest house Stuben

This private guesthouse was built on a hillside in the Austrian winter sports resort of Stuben. The eye-catcher is the structure clad in larch wood. The terrace front is equipped with a wooden folding sliding shutter by Baier that seamlessly blends into the façade when closed. A clever frost protection is integrated - the lower guide rail is kept ice-free in frosty temperatures with a heating tape.

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Single-family house Ustron

The single-family house by the architectural office of Ireneusz Hendel is elegant and extravagant. In Ustron, Poland, a residential building was realised that breaks with all design standards. In the combination of natural stone, anthracite-coloured steel elements and glazed window areas, one thing in particular catches the eye: the wooden corner solution of a sliding folding shutter from Baier, which offers the residents privacy and sun protection.

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Villa in Wroclaw

The Polish villa "From the Garden House" near Wroclaw is anything but an ordinary building project. The garden was built first, then the house with sliding shutters flush with the façade to shade the balcony. Nevertheless, house and garden form an inseparable unit.

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Residential development in Constance

The architectural office D'Aloisio from Constance used folding sliding shutters from Baier GmbH to lighten up the design of the façade of a residential building and create aesthetic sun protection.

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Residential house Dietersburg

Residential and agricultural farm buildings characterise the image of the community of Dietersburg in Lower Bavaria. Many are made entirely or partly of wood. Only at second glance does one recognise the new residential building with its modern wooden façade - and at third glance the windows inside, equipped with folding shutters by Baier.

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Residential house Frankfurt

Different - and yet uniform. This upscale residential building in Frankfurt's Nordend district follows this maxim from the overall appearance down to the last detail. Natural stone instead of the Wilhelminian plaster façade, uniform privacy and sun protection in front of different window formats - with folding shutters from Baier.

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