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Generations of pupils know “their” Luisenstift grammar school as a self-confident old building on a park-like schoolyard. The new extension will change all that.

The two- to three-storey rectangular flat-roofed building stands at right angles to the old school building and redefines the entrance area of the school grounds. The image of the new campus also includes a higher quality of stay. This is ensured by a glass-covered atrium as an internal access with different recreation zones and a cafeteria.


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Tischlerei Weigel GmbH

The quality standards of the architectural team from pussert kosch architekten did not end at the façade. The planners also set high standards for the materiality and detailing of the interior.

Task: Uniform materiality in the cafeteria’s finish, even at the counter end

While the façade is plastered in a dark brown, the interior of the building shines in light tones – white, glass and light wood. All metal windows and doors are finished in E6C31. This colour tone was also to be reflected in the cafeteria’s finish.

The room is separated from the kitchen by a metal-clad wall in the desired colour. A wide hatch serves as a food counter. However, it should be possible to close this outside opening hours.

Folding sliding shutter as counter closure with cladding made of anodised aluminium sheets

The carpentry firm Weigel, which was commissioned with the interior fittings for the cafeteria, decided to work with a metal construction expert – the Baier company. The company is known for customised solutions in metal and was therefore the ideal match and the perfect partner for the high-quality interior fittings.

Baier suggested a folding sliding shutter for the counter end. Lifting folding shutters from Baier have already proven themselves many times over as a closure for the pass-through in canteens and school cafeterias. However, due to the opening formats – large width, but low height – Baier designed a 6-panel folding-sliding system.

Pass-through with folding sliding shutter perfectly integrated into aluminium-clad wall

The basis of the system is the Premium 70 folding sliding shutter, which is particularly suitable when the narrowest of joint patterns and homogeneous façade cladding are desired. The frame, fittings and drive technology are not visible when the shutter is closed.

The runner and guide rail of the electrically driven folding shutter were recessed as a U-profile in the wooden panelling of the pass-through on the kitchen side. Thus, when the shutter is closed, only the narrow joints between the segments and around the system provide information about its function. Incidentally, they are perfectly matched to the joint grid of the wall panelling.

This perfection down to the last detail was exactly what the planners and fabricators had in mind. So all is well? Not quite – because the material of the filling put everyone to the test once again.

Be flexible – with movable components and a customer service that reacts quickly

The folding shutter was planned by Baier with a filling of Alu Cobont – lightweight aluminium composite panels that have proven themselves in façade construction. However, when enquiring about the material, it turned out that the panels could not be individually coated for the small number of square metres.

However, an object-specific surface design was absolutely necessary. This was the only way to achieve the colour shade required by the architects and a uniform colour design for all the aluminium windows, doors and wall cladding.

But Baier reacted quickly. Instead of aluminium composite panels, the planning was changed to aluminium sheets. They could easily be anodised in the desired colour. After the installation of the folding shutters, including the rails and the drive technology, the metal sheets were glued onto the frames of the folding sliding shutters by the carpenter.

If you are also looking for a metal construction partner who understands your design wishes and reliably implements them, please contact us. We will be happy to advise you.

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