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The motherhouse of the School Sisters of St. Francis in Europe, the Erlenbad convent, is located at the foot of the northern Black Forest and can look back on an eventful history. The beginnings of the order date back to the 19th century and to this day the nuns carry the Christian message out into the world. Numerous seminars and courses are offered in the adjoining Hochfelden House.

When you enter the interior of the monastery, you enter a completely different world. Spacious stucco ceilings with numerous ceiling lamps adorn the long corridors and stairways. Massive, white-painted wooden doors with round arches fascinate with their Romanesque charm. Fire protection in the monastery was to be improved and the historic door to the kitchen replaced by an automatic door. The Baier company from nearby Renchtal was awarded the contract by the congregation. Experienced fitters were allowed to enjoy the ambience of monastery life for the duration of the “renovation”.


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Fire doors close in an emergency

Baier has made it its goal to provide its customers with comprehensive and, above all, solution-oriented advice. Especially in buildings where doors are constantly open, the need for a fire or smoke protection closure arises. In the event of a fire, it is not always possible to close mechanically locked doors by hand, either because there is no one in the immediate vicinity when the fire starts, or because the development of heat simply makes this impossible. Baier has therefore installed ten 2-leaf hold-open systems and 2 ceiling smoke detectors in the Erlenbad monastery. The ceiling smoke detector gives a permanent “OK signal” and the doors are kept open. In the event of a fire, this OK signal is interrupted and the doors close automatically. On the one hand, this ensures that the doors are kept open until the doors are closed manually or closed automatically in the event of a fire.

Barrier-free with automatic sliding door

Many nurses are supplied with meals every day, and the kitchen logistics have to fit. The access from the corridor to the scullery was no longer up to the increased requirements and changed work processes and was to be modernised. Fast opening and closing are elementary for a smooth workflow when heavy serving trolleys have to pass through the scullery. A filigree automatic door with linear sliding door drive was installed. With modern and reliable technology, the door opens and closes according to the current state of the art.

The result is impressive

The new door is located in the immediate vicinity of an “old” door. Visually, the automatic door, whose 2 leaves are fitted with matt glass, blends unobtrusively into the overall picture. In order to protect the door frames in the area of the scullery, Baier has covered the door frames with a checker plate. Aluminium chequer plates are used where water is used or where easy cleaning is required. Chequer plates are known as non-slip floor coverings, creative decorations or, as here, in the entrance area of the scullery of the monastery as impact protection.

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