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The municipality of Lichtenstein took money in hand and created a magnet for young couples to settle in the municipality with the new kindergarten and the corresponding childcare facilities. The educational focus is on the holistic promotion of children according to Montessori’s guiding principle “Help me to do it myself”. Children are the future of a community and so the decision was made not to renovate the old kindergarten and to build a new one.

Bright and friendly, the single-storey building of the new Lichtenstein kindergarten has large windows. The view to the outside makes children’s hearts beat faster, so they can literally “watch TV” or enjoy the view of Lichtenstein Castle.


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Variety from the house of Baier

Where there is a lot of light, shade is also needed. The Baier company supplied a total of 9 sliding shutters for flexible sun protection. Just as the diversity and individuality of children make life colourful, so do the sliding shutters from Baier. The decision was made in favour of the New York sliding shutter model. The shutter consists of only one sheet of metal, which has been folded several times and welded in the corners. This sheet metal box is light and stable at the same time. There is no need for an additional frame, which is ideal both visually and in terms of production technology. The powder-coated, smooth aluminium sheet was chosen in order to create the possibility of an individual design by means of foil. What is now still white is soon to be foiled and coloured with pictures suitable for children.

A special highlight of this day-care centre is the all-round frame made of aluminium sheeting that is included in the delivery. Frames are the connecting element between window and façade. The visual design element, designed by the architect and planned in detail by Baier, was supplied in a powder-coated dark grey colour, just like the fittings and profiles, and “hides” the entire sliding shutter fitting and drive technology.

High-quality and aesthetic – aluminium frames planned by experts

Frames form a modern connection between different materials. Aluminium is particularly suitable due to its properties. As the building material of the future, aluminium impresses with its appealing and durable appearance, lightness and stability. Aluminium frames do not necessarily have to look like aluminium, they can be designed in a wide variety of colours by powder coating.

The surfaces are moisture and corrosion resistant, of high quality and therefore durable. Functionally and aesthetically, frames are important design elements in modern architecture and offer architects a high degree of design freedom. They provide a modern visual boundary or create a harmonious symbiosis between the building and its openings. Aluminium frames are variable and adapt optimally to the structural conditions. The areas of application are diverse and leave nothing to be desired. Frames play an important role, they complete the building envelope and the outward appearance. They can be ideally integrated into the respective environment, blend inconspicuously into the building’s appearance or, as in this case, set accents. However, thoughtful detailed planning is important in all cases. Since the frame interfaces with many other trades such as windows, façade and sun protection, experience and coordination are particularly important here. Especially if, as in this case, the sun protection technology is to be integrated visually and functionally into the frame.

Sun protection technology integrated into the aluminium frames

The system is raised in relation to the rest of the wooden cladding and thus emphasises the effect of the simple building. The façade thus appears clearly structured and yet not obtrusive. The lower part of the frame conceals a functional channel and comb grate construction that blends in perfectly with the façade. Thanks to the integration of the hardware and drive technology in the frame and also the colour integration, the sliding shutters are not initially recognisable as a functional element from the outside and integrate perfectly into the building design.

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Educational House in Friedrichshafen

It is said that learning is a lifelong process. Educational centres support this idea from kindergarten onwards. What good ideas can achieve in combination with professional know-how becomes clear in the refectory of the Berg education centre. A Baier Hebefaltladen connects the kitchen and dining area in the food serving area.

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For the striking new building with a recessed glass foyer in the basement, the architects planned an expressive metal façade with functional folding shutters for the first and first floors.

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Friedrich-Schiller-Gymnasium Marbach

Baier supplied brightly coloured sliding shutters to match the school's colourful logo. The individual sliding shutters consist of extruded aluminium frame profiles filled with expanded metal. The movable shutters control light and shade as needed.

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Community kindergarten

In the Lower Bavarian district of Landshut, the municipal kindergarten in Hohenthann has received an extension that now provides additional childcare facilities. Floor-to-ceiling window fronts provide plenty of light in the group rooms. The Baier shading system is of particular importance here.

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Primary school Wermsdorf

The all-day operation brought the old school building of the primary school of the small community to its spatial capacity limit. But there was also little space available for the new building. The clever idea: thanks to Baier's lift-up folding shutter in front of the food counter, the dining hall becomes the school auditorium.

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Luisenstift Grammar School

What doesn't fit is made to fit. But not by bungling and sacrificing quality, but by planning that takes the design wishes into account and finding quick solutions when the implementation threatens to fail. This is what Baier did with the folding sliding shutter for the new school cafeteria.

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University Landshut

Climate-friendly building is the order of the day with regard to climate change. In the European Union, 40 percent of energy consumption is accounted for by existing buildings, with air conditioning accounting for the largest share. When constructing new public buildings, high standards must be met, and rightly so.

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John Cranko School

At 90 x 36 metres, the new building of the John Cranko School winds its way up the steep slope with a height of 20 metres. Made of concrete, wood and glass, the building for the world-famous ballet school adapts to the urban and topographical conditions. Large window areas with sliding shutters flush with the façade provide sufficient privacy in the entrance area with maximum light.

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Peter and Paul Kindergarten

Sliding shutters create individual and distinctive building views and can be manufactured in different materials. For the St. Peter and Paul day care centre in Karlsruhe, the "arcade" was shaded with sun protection fabric in different warm yellow tones. The textile coverings are transparent, easy to clean and weather-resistant.

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