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Relaxing with coffee and cake after an extensive stroll through the city? It’s worth it in the beautiful ambience of Kaffeehaus Rosi in Munich. The listed building is located close to the city centre, next to the Museum Lichtspiele and opposite the Müller’schen Volksbad. Large, inviting shop windows arouse curiosity for a visit and provide guests with beautiful views of the outside. With the new sliding windows from Baier, ventilation has also become child’s play.






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Under monument protection: Vertical sliding windows for Munich coffee house

Take a seat, enjoy a coffee in the morning or a cocktail in the evening and escape the stress of everyday life for a brief moment. This is possible in the 180 m² Rosi coffee house on Rosenheimer Straße in the middle of Munich’s city centre. Charmingly unplastered walls, naked light bulbs and retro furniture characterise the loft ambience here, which has a modern but quaint feel. Three large shop windows on the street side provide the restaurant, which stretches deep into the building, with daylight and at the same time open up the guests’ view towards the Isar.

Ideal ventilation with vertical sliding windows

The only drawback: because the three large display windows in the Rosi coffee house were fixed elements, ventilation was not possible in the way that would have been desirable for a contemporary hygiene concept. However, at the latest since the Corona pandemic, ventilation in gastronomically used premises has taken on a special significance. The tenant’s wish, by the way, even before the pandemic began: to replace the old windows with new models with a vertical sliding function so that they could be opened and ventilated as needed. Because the building is a listed building, however, the external appearance could only be changed marginally. With the custom-made sliding windows from Baier, the window replacement could be realised under strict specifications.

Modern sliding windows: functionality despite listed building status

After the tenant had obtained permission from the landlord, the local listed building authorities also agreed to the replacement of the three windows. For reasons of monument protection, however, the appearance of the three-part shop window front was only allowed to be changed with regard to one additional transverse rung per window. Today, it separates the fixed and movable window sections from each other and is neither noticeable when closed nor when open. The design, colour and surface structure of the window front remained the same as the originals.

Round arch windows in historical style

Baier not only undertook the production, but also the replacement of the three components. In order to exchange the windows, which measure approximately 2.5 m x 3 m, the existing vaults were uncovered and installed as round-arched windows in their original appearance, but with sliding sashes.

  • Each round-arched window is divided into three parts: The upper arch element and the skylight are fixed. A sliding sash is movable, which can be pushed vertically upwards for ventilation.
  • The double-insulated windows consist of a thermally insulated aluminium construction and are equipped with a motor drive including a radio remote control.
  • An aluminium counter with upstand behind the sash ensures better tightness even in driving rain.
  • They are installed directly in the reveal.
  • The sliding windows do not protrude into the room during ventilation. This is an advantage especially in the catering trade, as no one can injure themselves on the corners of the window sashes.

Air filter or open window?

Regular ventilation is one of the important Corona protection measures. Due to the new hygiene regulations that had to be implemented in the course of the Corona pandemic, the project could be implemented quite quickly. Since aerosols are considered to be the main transmission route for the Corona virus, a regular supply of fresh air is to be ensured in closed rooms. The owner of “Rosi Kaffeehaus & Bar” decided to use our proven vertical sliding windows. For regular shock ventilation, the window sash is simply pushed upwards via radio control. No window sills have to be cleared for shock ventilation and the guests can still remain seated in front of the window.

Everything really fitted here – the windows and the catering

It took the Baier team only four days to dismantle and install the new windows. During the entire installation period, the Baier employees were generously provided with food and drinks by the owner of the Munich coffee house. We would like to express our sincere thanks for this.

Baier – Proven partner in matters of listed building protection

Are you also planning for a listed building and are looking for a solution that can be implemented in accordance with official approvals? Our experts at Baier will discuss options with you, advise you on solutions for listed buildings and work with you to implement your project.

Do you already know about our louvre blinds suitable for listed buildings? Colour-matched aluminium slats prevent the reflection of the roof windows of the former Löwen Inn.


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