Hangings with flat fillings

Hangings with flat fillings

To give you a small impression of the possible combinations with sliding shutters, the following is a selected range of different flat fillings used for sun protection and privacy protection as sliding shutters.

Fillings made of metal

(Perforated) sheets, sandwich panels, expanded metal, metal mesh, metal sunshade elements and much more can be used as infills for sliding shutters.

Perforated sheets are low-maintenance, stable and have high strength and durability as a stylish building element. Extreme wind loads and weather influences are no problem. In terms of burglary protection, Baier sliding shutters and sliding folding shutters made of perforated sheeting can increase the security standard of buildings.

Perforated sheeting – decorative and functional

Sliding shutters or folding sliding shutters made of perforated sheeting have creative potential. With square, round or long perforations and even unique perforations, e.g. lasered ornaments. The most individual design requirements can be realised. Whether decent, reservedly cool or eccentrically modern, the design of the sliding folding shutters and sliding shutters adapts excellently to the existing architectural styles. Anodised, powder-coated, brushed or polished, perforated sheeting has become a stylistic element of modern architecture. With perforated sheeting shutters, you achieve an accentuated aesthetic and obtain shading without darkening. Sliding shutters and folding sliding shutters made of perforated sheeting protect against excessive sunlight, reflections and overheating in the room, making them an effective shading and privacy element.


Wasserverband Lausitz Senftenberg

The planning and engineering company Ipro Dresden chose Baier to supply the matching design and sun protection elements. The order to Baier was to design the visual and sun protection systems in light blue to match the water theme, thus giving the building a maritime character.
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Administration building Heidelberg

A historic building is modernised: sliding shutters made of expanded metal, integrated into a surrounding metal window frame, powder-coated rust-brown.
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John Cranko School

At 90 x 36 metres, the new building of the John Cranko School winds its way up the steep slope with a height of 20 metres. Made of concrete, wood and glass, the building for the world-famous ballet school adapts to the urban and topographical conditions. Large window areas with sliding shutters flush with the façade provide sufficient privacy in the entrance area with maximum light.
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Holzkontor Munich

In Munich, living space is scarce. The Holzkontor site near the city centre seemed like something from another era. In 2017, 120 1-4 room flats were built here alongside a hotel and offices. The large number also came about thanks to sliding shutters from Baier as sun and privacy protection.
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Friedrich-Schiller-Gymnasium Marbach

Baier supplied brightly coloured sliding shutters to match the school's colourful logo. The individual sliding shutters consist of extruded aluminium frame profiles filled with expanded metal. The movable shutters control light and shade as needed.
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Bertrandt Company

"The best solution for every customer" is the claim with which Bertrandt meets the different requirements at 52 locations. Thus, the competences of the company Baier from Renchtal fitted perfectly into the concept - high demands on aesthetics, functionality and design, combined with a long-standing repertoire of experience in the field of standard and special solutions.
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ABC Street Hamburg

The metal construction company Baier from Renchen-Ulm in Baden was commissioned with the complete "sliding shutters" project. Within 6 months, more than 650 hangings were installed, of which more than 600 were motor-driven.
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