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The success story of Steurer Metall in Rheinau began as a small locksmith’s workshop. In recent years, it has developed into a modern company with a focus on CNC machining, locksmithing and 3D printing.


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Steurer Metall



Metal construction solutions for facades and interior fittings in industrial architecture

Growth and progress found their structural expression in the new building of the company headquarters. Naturally, metal was to play a major role in the architecture – both in the interior fittings and visible to the outside on the façade.

Not an easy task. On the one hand, a company headquarters is a business card with correspondingly high demands on visual and functional quality. On the other hand, professionals from a related industry are particularly critical.

The solution: A partner who shares the enthusiasm for material and quality

Despite the successful development, Steurer Metall has stayed true to its corporate values: Competence, innovation and precision. In Baier, the planners found the right partner:

  • As a company, Baier shares these values.
  • As a metal construction expert, Baier delivers customised solutions for interior fittings and façades.

When it comes to showing an attitude with architecture, areas with customer traffic are particularly critical – for example the entrance and meeting rooms. This is precisely where the planners relied on Baier’s expertise.

Attractively designed entrance welcomes all

In terms of design, the entrance to the new company headquarters sets a deliberate accent. The vertical incision across both floors is a striking contrast to the horizontal window bands. It is further emphasised by a cladding that contrasts with the rest of the façade in terms of colour and height.
Baier produced a customised window system with entrance, canopy, staircase glazing and rigid sun protection for the large-format opening.

Industrial look from Baier for modern locksmith’s shop

  • The wide, single-leaf entrance door with glass panel welcomes employees and visitors.
  • A canopy made of aluminium sheet, held in place by a minimalist construction, protects against rain and strong sunlight.
  • The staircase glazing connecting to the top reinforces the open and transparent effect.
  • A sun protection system with fixed slats prevents the sun from heating up the staircase given the large glass surface.
  • A window with a turn-and-tilt sash integrated into the system is used for manual ventilation.

Baier developed and manufactured the system according to the planning. The basis was the C 50 HI profile series, which convinces with narrow views, high stability and best energy efficiency. It was also precisely matched in terms of colour. It was coated in DB 703 FS micaceous iron ore grey.

Meeting room with profiled glazing balances openness and confidentiality

The industrial look was continued in the interior. For the meeting room, the planners wanted a solution that was modern and open, but at the same time offered a protected atmosphere.

One corner of the meeting room juts out into the corridor. Logically, the door is also located here. Baier developed and manufactured a ceiling-high glazing including door for the corner of the room.

  • The glass wall with matt profiled glazing appears transparent, but is opaque. This protects confidentiality.
  • The glazing sits in discreet, dark-coated aluminium frames.
  • The room door is integrated into the floor-to-ceiling glazing. It is filled with a matching colour panel. The door frame is lightly coated, as in the entire building.
  • Next to the door, a wider profile accommodates the electrical installation. On the corridor side, the wide profile is used for labelling.

The glass wall makes it clear: what is discussed here is related to the company and contributes to its success.

In addition to the glazing for the meeting room, Baier produced another frame element with a 2-leaf all-glass swing door.

Baier – set by professionals

With its solutions, Baier was able to enrich the architecture of the new company headquarters in the sense of the client. On the other hand, the appreciation of professionals from a related field is a great compliment.
If you are also looking for a competent partner at eye level for facades or interior fittings made of metal, please contact us. We will be happy to advise you.

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