High quality windows for your building

Windows create light-flooded rooms and significantly influence the architecture of your house. But depending on the installation conditions, windows also have to fulfil a wide range of other functions: They prevent cold, heat and noise and protect against burglaries. Regardless of their purpose, they also have to integrate into any building architecture and therefore require a high degree of design diversity in terms of shape and colour.

Fenster 50c

Variety in every detail

You can customise your window very detailed. This includes, for example, the selection of a matching handle to finish the look. You can choose from a wide range of design variants and discover your personal favourite in terms of shape and colour.


Customised windows

To make sure we find the right window for you, we focus on customised production according to your installation situation. The size and shape of the windows can be individually adapted, and even extraordinary designs can be realised.

Floor to ceiling French doors

Designed door-high and floor-flush, our windows become balcony doors. The large glass surface creates bright, light-filled rooms and, at the same time, fulfils all other desired functions from sound insulation to burglary protection.


Effective shading

You have the choice: solar control glass or automatic shading in the form of roller shutters, venetian blinds or screens. Baier’s architectural sun protection solutions can also be individually combined with your windows in the various folding or sliding shutters. We also offer the right shading or sun protection solution for your building situation.

RAL-Farbfächer der Firma Baier

RAL of choice

Colour offers variety. That is why the colour spectrum of our window and door elements ranges from a wide selection of RAL and DB shades with different gloss finishes and structures to anodised shades with a metallic-reflective look and innovative surface finishes with effects such as wood, rust or concrete.

On request, the aluminium elements can also be designed in “bicolour”, i.e. two colours. Different shades can be selected for the inside and outside.


Animal Shelter Karlsruhe

The dog house, which was getting on in years and no longer up to date, was renovated. The newly built "dog hotel" offers homeless four-legged friends a home with special comfort. Baier planned and manufactured so-called "sliding dog house doors".
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