Special roller shutters

Roof window roller shutters for special solutions

Requirements and customer wishes are our priority. With creative employees and the necessary know-how, we have developed products that complement our trade goods. These include special solutions for window generations not previously considered by the manufacturers themselves. Roller shutter solutions that shade your high-quality roof extension in almost every case.

Baier is your specialist trader for roof windows and accessories of leading brands. This also includes VELUX windows. The latest VELUX window generations, such as the VELUX Cabrio or the VELUX roof balcony, are a particular challenge.
With the VELUX CABRIO™ window, a balcony-like roof exit is created instantly. The upper part of the window can be opened up to 45°, the lower part is pushed open, and the railing folds out.

The innovative roof outlet allows light and air into rooms under sloping roofs and provides a fantastic view. Baier also supplies a custom-fit solution that does not interfere with the view and still offers all the advantages of shading from the outside.

Baier roof window roller shutters for additional elements

With the installation of roof windows, an “attic” can be made homelike. The window areas let light and fresh air into the attic. An excellent alternative to ordinary skylights are windows with additional elements. These can extend the scope of light and view to the floor. Baier has designed a roller shutter, especially for these other elements. The main challenge was to ensure that the brightness gained in the new room was not immediately restricted again. The idea is quite simple – the roller shutter on the upper window element runs downwards and the one on the lower part upwards so that no roller shutter box interferes with the view. By using individual or perforated slats in the roller shutter, the view or direct sunlight can be avoided in the new living space, in modern offices or kitchens, but daylight is still allowed to pass through.