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Delivery, assembly and more

The roller shutters are delivered nationwide free of charge. For spare parts, we charge a flat rate for shipping.

Roller shutters with electric drive in 24-volt version are supplied incl. Switch transformer unit, a 230-volt version without switch incl. Load disconnection. A specialist company must carry out the electrical connection! In the case of several 230-volt parallel-connected roller shutters, isolating relays are mandatory.


Perforated lamellas will increase light transmission

The number of perforated lamellas inserted in the roller shutter can regulate the brightness in the rooms as desired.
(Application examples: staircases, schools, offices, etc.)

Vergleich Baier-Lamelle und perforierte Lamelle

Please consider the following aspects

  • No particular gap is necessary for roof windows side by side as the roller shutters are mounted directly on the window casements. For roof windows above the other with a distance of 20 cm, a standard roller shutter is possible. For smaller distances, an individual solution can usually be found.
  • The roller shutter cannot be operated in frosty weather. Electric automatic controls have to be switched off.
  • If there is a snow load on the roof, a snow catcher must be installed above the roller shutter. A hint regarding the compass direction north-east to the north-west is essential for the solar design. In case of a steep roof pitch of 50°, a technical clarification is absolutely necessary.
  • If the temperature drops below 0°C, the battery of the solar roller shutter automatically switches off for self-protection. The function is automatically resumed after warming up.
  • Due to the weight of the roller shutters, it is possible that individual window types (especially when installed in flat roof pitches) do not remain open in every position. This can be solved to some extent by adjusting the springs.
  • The roller shutters cannot be operated when the window is in the swing position.

Assembly instructions and more

  • When installing Baier roller shutters on Velux, the original Velux plaster lock can no longer be used. We can supply a surface-mounted plaster socket immediately. A plaster socket for recessing should be installed by a specialist—prices for delivery and installation of the plaster socket on request.
  • Transfer of the existing roller shutter to new roof window generations usually is not possible. When retrofitting a roller shutter to older roof windows, the technical condition of the window should be checked in advance.
  • The warranty for Baier products totals two years.
Baier RAL-Fächer

RAL of choice

Baier roof window shutters can be supplied in all colour variants for an additional charge

Powder coating of the individual components offers a wide range of design options. In this way, we create the appropriate product for each of your individual requirements.