Operating modes

Choice of operating mode

Various types of operation are available, regardless of the skylight type. Depending on the application and the local conditions, you can choose between electric 24V or 230V roller shutters, solar or crank. With our roof window roller shutters, you will definitely make the right choice.


Roof window shutters with crank operation

Manually operated skylight shutters can be retrofitted at a low cost and without great effort. The roof window roller shutter is cranked from the inside using an operating rod. Depending on the type of skylight, the opening for the crank handle is located at the top or bottom of the skylight.

Electric or solar

Electric roller shutters are convenient and comfortable. They are operated by a radio wall switch or a hand-held transmitter. With the possibility of installing cables in 24V and 230V – or – if no cables are available – as a solar roller shutter.

  • 24V DC: includes switch and transformer. Control unit fits into a flush-mounted box.
  • 230V direct connection incl. load disconnection (switch on site).
    The electrical connection has to be installed by a specialist!
  • Solar push-button: Solar roller shutter with wall push-button. Cable installation between battery or control unit and push-button necessary.
  • Solar radio: Solar roller shutter with radio hand-held transmitter. No additional cable installation necessary. Multi-channel hand-held transmitter available.
Baier RAL-Fächer

RAL of choice

Baier roof window shutters can be delivered in all colour variants for an additional charge

Powder coating of the individual components offers a wide range of design options. This allows us to create the appropriate product for each of your individual requirements.