Media return system

Appealing and contactless media return

Libraries are increasingly used during the lockdown. However, borrowing is only possible to a limited extent, and the number of people in the library at the same time is strictly regulated. With media return around the clock, contactless return of borrowed books, CDs, magazines, videos, etc., is possible outside the library rooms.

Medienrückgabe Stadt Hameln

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Provide more service and increase staff capacity at the same time

More and more libraries offer their customers the possibility of returning media (books, magazines, etc.) outside the opening hours. Our sliding windows in thermally insulated and non-insulated versions turn a window into a 24-hour return window for media of all kinds at the touch of a button. Whether in a designated return box or as a movable window directly on the building façade.


Flexible in format and design

Our sliding windows made of aluminium profiles are made to measure and are available in all colours – with or without skylight. Upon request, our specialists will take care of the professional installation and, of course, the maintenance of our sliding windows.


Media library Bühl

Large windows, small windows, square, horizontal or vertical formats, flush with the façade or recessed. A wide variety of openings are the hallmark of the media library in Bühl. Now another one has been added: a sliding window from Baier secures the 24-hour accessible outside return.
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