Baby hatch

Baier manufactures baby hatches

The baby hatch is a device in which babies can be dropped off anonymously. Vertical sliding windows are particularly suitable for baby hatches at clinics or other institutions where specialist nurses take care of the newborns.


Simple to use

The vertical version is easy to operate manually or also at the touch of a button. The system is also enclosed in visually elegant aluminium frames. The connection is made via an electronic switch with a transformer.

The baby hatch consists of a fixed (upper) window element and a variable, movable (lower) window element. The movable window can be operated from the outside as well as from the inside. Outside operation: At the touch of a button, the window in front of the heated baby bed can be opened and closed. If the window is closed from the outside, it is automatically locked, and the child is protected from abuse/ misappropriation. At the same time, a signal is sent to the children’s ward. The window can be released from the inside at any time.

Apart from the electronic switch with the transformer, no other accessories are necessary. The installation – whether new or retrofitted – is simple. The baby hatch is vibration-free. The quiet movement of the panes is another quality feature.

BAIER vertical sliding windows for the baby hatch are made of aluminium profiles; surface treatment: anodised or RAL coated as required; finish in brushed or ground stainless steel; the necessary fall protection for the sash and a lock are built into each window; the glazing can be ordered in single glass or insulating glass; in public areas, however, safety glass should be installed, e.g. VSG or ESG; heat protection or burglar-resistant glass is possible. BAIER vertical sliding windows for the baby hatch can be operated manually or with an electric drive; the sash arrangement can be from bottom to top or from top to bottom.

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