One-piece sliding roof window

The Classic series offers the possibility of extensive glazing and also closes the gap to the standard top-hung swing windows. The window sash can be effortlessly moved to the right or left, allowing an excellent and clear view without an obstructing sash.

In the standard version of the Classic series, large-area glazing can be realised as well as roof or balcony exits. The sash of the window is moved over the roof in extended guide rails. The windows are manufactured according to the highest standards with elaborate quality controls.


Product details

  • Easy and gentle handling manually or electrically
  • Opening direction to the left, right or down
  • Shading for inside and outside, insect protection
  • Almost all types of glass can be used
  • With energy values below Uw = 1.4 W/m²K
  • All RAL colours available
  • Flashing frame (optional)
  • Special sizes on request

The single-leaf sliding roof window for more living comfort

The Classic series consists of a multi-chamber base profile with one layer to receive the glazing. The hollow chambers of the base profile are thermally insulated. Furthermore, the second level is used to guide the drive unit.

The movement frame (sash) is made of a multi-chamber base profile with insulating bars for thermal separation. The movement of the sash is contact-free using two pairs of sealing systems at the top and bottom on both sides.

The glazing is located in the first level of the sash from the outside and is sealed all around, on both sides with a sealing system and kept in place with glazing beads.
The drive is located on the outside of the base frame and is mounted against travel direction. Due to the external position, motor noise is diverted to the outside and does not affect the interior. It allows easy access from the outside to the electric motor, drive unit and their connections.

The control voltage and voltage lines (230V) are guided to any desired control and voltage source through sealing systems. Other control units and the required safety edge can be retrofitted without any problems.

RAL-Farbfächer der Firma Baier

RAL of choice

Baier sliding roof windows can be supplied in all colour variants

Powder coating of the individual components offers a wide range of design options. This allows us to create the appropriate product for each of your individual requirements.