Cutting-edge technology for more comfort

Roto Dach- und Solartechnologie GmbH is an independent business unit that is part of Roto Frank AG. The headquarter is in Bad Mergentheim, where around 550 people are employed. Across Europe, 1,200 people work for Roto. Roto is committed to Germany as a business location: over 90 per cent of the premium products sold here are “made in Germany”. We sell our products exclusively through authorised specialist traders and professionals in the roofing and solar trade.

The Roto Principle

With the folding-swinging technology of the successful 8 series, Roto set a standard that is still valid today. The “Roto principle” became the synonym for more freedom and more comfort. Our aim is now to transfer the Roto standard of performance leadership to energy efficiency and design. Due to the 2-part thermal insulation unit fitted as standard and the beautiful, deeper roof integration, an outstanding UW-value of 1.2 W/m²K is achieved, and the new effect finish anthracite metallic as well as the groundbreaking design guarantee an elegant appearance. The one-handed handle at the bottom for all functions ensures maximum ease of use and provides the typically valuable Roto feeling. And of course, the new Designo with a sash that can be opened continuously up to 45º also offers free access to the window with maximum headroom and freedom of movement. Design, comfort and energy-saving, as a whole.

Produkt Dachfenster Roto

Photo: Roto Frank Dachsystem-Technologie

Dachfenster, Roto Designo i8 Comfort

Photo: Roto Frank Dachsystem-Technologie

The most convenient roof window from Roto

The Roto Designo i8 Comfort is suitable for roof pitches from 20° to 65° and achieves excellent energy efficiency – up to the passive house standard, depending on the glazing.

The remarkable ease of installation is outstanding. According to Roto Frank, the electric top-hung window is quick and easy to install – installation brackets, thermal insulation block, foil connections, as well as drive and control unit ex works speed up installation on the location.

The Roto Designo i8 Comfort offers maximum ease of use. It is available in various sizes with double or triple glazing, rain sensor as standard, quadruple central locking and a wide range of other (optional) features.