Prometheus sliding shutter drive

Drives for sliding shutters

When modern drive and control technology allows a façade to move according to your wishes, Baier is in its element. Thanks to the compact “Baier” design, not only does the appearance of the sliding shutter remain unaffected, but installation is also carried out without much additional effort.

The possibility of connecting to a bus system opens up unlimited possibilities for how your façade adapts to changing weather conditions.


Continuously developed

Thanks to the continuous development of our drive technology, Baier can configure the proper control system for you based on a wide range of components. Because sliding shutters with electric drive combine unique design with outstanding ease of use. The operating elements matching your style can be positioned anywhere on the wall. A wireless remote control enables easy operation from any position. A sliding shutter always finds the correct position by connecting sensors, even when no one is at home. This keeps the windows dry in autumn and the rooms cool in summer.

Architektonischer Sonnenschutz

More facts

Baier drive technology represents the highest level of handling comfort and reliability. The drive technology was specially developed for outdoor use and impressed with its high durability and low-noise operation.

  • Baier Prometheus: 24 volt DC motor with matching control unit and accessories.
  • Power transmission by toothed belt, steel strand with PU jacket and nylon fabric
  • Small installation sizes: control unit fits with transformer in flush-mounted box
  • Engine housing: 45 x 45 x 140mm
  • Control with power cut-off and soft stop:
    no annoying setting of limit switches
    Automatic teach-in
    Can be controlled with potential-free contact
    Can be connected to BUS system
  • Additional controls such as wireless, light, rain and wind sensor as well as timer optionally available

Additional equipment

Electronic control

The electronic control units specially developed for the sliding shutter efficiently and safely operate our motors. Different control units are available depending on the application.

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Various additional controls and assembly accessories are helpful add-ons to the product range. On request, we will be happy to advise you which accessories are suitable for your application.

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