Olymp fittings

Fittings for sliding shutter

Fittings for sliding shutters from Baier allow architectural freedom through simple combination options. Individual solutions are created from a variety of possibilities. The individuality that gives each façade its uniqueness.
Our main fittings series Baier Olymp G/40 and Baier Olymp G/80 (each for 40 and 80 kg sash weight). Other fitting series up to 140 kg are available. All runners with groove for M8 screws.

Approved and high quality

With our range of fittings, we offer a corrosion-free basis for all sliding shutter applications. The basic concept of track, carriage and suspension bracket has proven itself. Many years of experience in dealing with linear sliding fittings, for example, in the sliding door sector, have produced high-quality products for exterior applications.

Manual fittings

We rely on well-known fitting manufacturers and sensibly supplement the product lines with our developments and customised solutions. Different weight categories and variants make it possible to select the right and most economical fitting.