Herakles assembly solutions

Mounting solutions for sliding shutters

Baier Herakles GS unique reinforced tracks for wide spacing of fixing points brackets for simple, adjustable mounting with threaded rods or ETICS accessories, including optional facing. No limitations and no specifications of track layout and spacing. No problems with uneven mounting surfaces such as natural stone, clinker or wooden boarding.

Individual Assembly solutions

Baier Herakles CS profile system consisting of support and cover panel with side cover for the simple and visually appealing installation of sliding shutters. 1-, 2- and 3-track (50mm, 100mm, 150mm projection), further possible reinforcing ribs for maximum loads Electrical cable laying in the profile.
In addition, unique systems for integration into the façade are possible as special constructions.

Herakles CS offers installation comfort and space

The beam and panel profile system: “Carrier System” offers optimum installation comfort with sufficient space for all your sliding shutter applications. The innovative design gives the cover panel a small and attractive appearance. The screw channel at the front offers the option of screwing the cover panel to the front. In addition, it is possible to attach it to the side cover. The system is available in three different projections. With 50, 100 and 150mm space under the support profile, you can realise up to three sashes with a motor in one profile.

Increased safety and stability

For heavy loads, especially on the two- and three-track support profile, reinforcement components are available. The aluminium blocks are screwed to the support profile and are already available pre-assembled on the support profile.
For installation on the wall, enough space has been left in the upper screw connection area, such as heavy-duty anchors and mounting dowels. Additional support in the lower area of the profile transfers the loads evenly to the mounting surface.
The multi-track profiles are equipped with an increased wall thickness to provide additional stability. For exact specifications, please consult the relevant documents or contact us.