Achill bottom guide

Bottom guides for sliding shutter hangings

The bottom guide of a sliding shutter hanging is an essential detail for planning and execution. Depending on the requirements, space needs, and fixing options, different variants offer the right support in every situation.
Continuous or punctual. Individual solutions for all areas of application, for example, window sills, facades, terraces and much more.

Individual bottom guides as required

The bottom guides shown here are exemplary for the variety of our comprehensive delivery programme. The selection is based on your needs and applications. Especially interesting: Our bottom guide rails are available with additional glide piping. This ensures easy installation and smooth running.

Punctual guides
Simple and filigree

Punctual guides are filigree and easy to install. A glider is mounted directly next to the reveal edge or the window. This engages in a U-profile rail mounted on the blind.

Continuous guides
Stable and integrated

Continuous tracks mounted on the wall or integrated into the façade/floor provide increased stability. A continuous guide in a wide variety of shapes serves as a receptacle for gliders that are attached to the hangings.