Lamella systems

Outdoor sun protection is most effective

Natural daylight generally has a positive effect on humans and is considered an essential factor for productivity in the workplace. However, too much daylight can also be disturbing. External lamella sunshade systems, in which the aluminium lamellas are attached to lamella holders with a click system, offer effective glare and heat protection.

DucoSun C&D

DucoSun 100C, DucoSun 150 CF, DucoSun 100D and DucoSun 150D are permanent, external sun protection systems with aluminium lamellas. DucoSun ensures optimum heat protection with maximum light incidence. With natural ventilation, the DucoSun solar shading system creates a comfortable and energy-friendly living and working environment, even in front of the façade.
Whether as functional sun protection or as an attractive design elements of modern architecture, DucoSun are complete systems that can be installed quickly and easily with just a few tools.

DucoSun F

The sun protection system is available as a rigid system (DucoSun F Intermediate or DucoSun F Multifit, and DucoSun F Unifit) or as an adjustable system with drive (DucoSun F+). The lamellas installed on-site can be individually adjusted to different angles in 15-degree intervals thanks to a unique system. In this way, the optimum shading can be realised for the entire width and height of the building.

RAL-Farbfächer der Firma Baier

RAL of choice

Baier sliding shutters can be delivered in all colour variants.

Powder coating of the individual folding sliding shutter components provides a wide range of design options. This allows us to create the appropriate product for each of your individual requirements.