Sport, Culture & Leisure

In 2019, researchers at the University of Pennsylvania and the University of California found that 2-4 hours of free time per day makes people most happy. So it’s a good thing that this is roughly the amount of free time that every German has per day.

How Germans spend their free time varies greatly. 15.27 million do sport several times a month, 11.67 million even several times a week. This means that sporting activities are among the most popular leisure activities. 1.27 million Germans visit a cultural event or a museum several times a month.

Introverted buildings for extroverted activities

Sports and cultural buildings are extremely heterogeneous – from small theatres in apartment blocks to prestigious museums and stadiums for thousands of fans. But there are also common challenges to which architecture must provide an answer.

  • Sports facilities and buildings for culture and leisure are often visited by many people at the same time. These flows of people must be managed safely and as smoothly as possible in the building.
  • In many buildings, windows are not necessary because daylight enters from above, for example, or is even undesirable, as in museums and theatres. The façades are often windowless or have very few openings.
  • Nevertheless, the façade design plays an important role because the buildings often have a symbolic character.

Façade design for buildings without a façade

Of course, sports and cultural buildings also have an outer shell that protects against climatic influences, for example. But the classic perforated façade or a post-and-beam construction is rarely seen. Due to the use, there are often one or more large rooms artificially lit or lit from above.
Even if there is no visual connection between the inside of the building and its surroundings, the often relatively large buildings have a close relationship with their surroundings. As central places for many people – sports fans and theatre, cinema and music lovers – and solitaires in the urban landscape, they are beacon objects.

Façade cladding for creative façade design

The façade is the surface with which the building comes into contact with its surroundings – from contrasting to harmonious. Baier enables deliberate façade design with a metal façade or slatted cladding as a second layer.
The product solution should not limit the design idea. On the contrary: with Baier, planners and architects expand their design options. Design, materiality and colour can be freely chosen. Baier supports the design with years of experience.
A panelling with rigid or automatically controlled, movable slats also serves as privacy and sun protection, of course, if required. For example, this is ideal for fitness studios or when administrative tracts with classic perforated facades are to be integrated into the building cubature.

Fassade mit Schiebeläden aus Lochblech

The (shared) experience is in the spotlight

The attraction of a cultural or sporting event also lies in the collective experience. That’s why cultural and sports buildings often have to function for many people at the same time. Naturally, visitors want to enjoy the experience as much as possible.

Entrances welcoming people

Even if the façade often has few or no classical windows, there are, of course, openings. One important opening is the entrance and exit. It must be designed for many people at once – in size and durability – and it should set the mood for what awaits the visitors. Customised door systems from Baier combine longevity with a unique design. Based on high-quality aluminium profiles, object-specific entrances are created, also with several doors as well as with glazed or filled elements. Different profile systems, which can be coated in all RAL colours, create maximum design freedom.

Automatic doors for safe movement in the building

In the past, cinemas and theatres had a porter – today, automatic doors open by themselves. Baier thus ensures a smooth flow of visitors at the entrance but also inside the building. At the same time, the indoor climate can be kept constant.
In the entrance area, automatic sliding doors with two leaves or, in the case of large openings, with six leaves are ideal. Curved systems are also possible. Automated swing doors and revolving doors complete the selection.
Inside buildings, automatic sliding doors from Baier are a barrier-free and space-saving alternative.
Baier equips its doors with high-quality fittings and drives. This ensures a long service life with as little maintenance as possible. Baier attaches particular importance to burglary protection and fire protection for all its doors.

Sliding windows and lifting folding shutters for points of sale

People let their leisure time activities cost something. Two hundred fifty-nine euros is the monthly expenditure per household on leisure, entertainment and culture. Part of this is entrance fees and catering expenses associated with the activity.
Ticket counters, points of sale and snack bars are securely protected with sliding windows from Baier and still offer full contact with the guest. The windows with one or more leaves are opened either vertically or horizontally.
If no window is desired, an adapted folding lift shutter forms an ideal counter closure.

Baier stands for passion

Baier’s passion is object-specific metal construction for successful architecture. In this way, the company supports architects and planners in the realisation of ambitious building tasks for culture, leisure and sport.

  • Every component is customised – from façade cladding to door systems and sliding windows.
  • Colour, material and design can be chosen almost freely.
  • The construction is individually developed according to the desired design and the object-specific requirements.
  • All product solutions are manufactured from high-quality and durable components. This also applies to drive technology and fittings. It is not lastly this that determines long-lasting functionality and economic operation.
  • On request, the components can be installed and commissioned by experienced craftsmen and their function can be ensured in the long term through maintenance and service.

Convince yourself of the versatility and functional quality. Let yourself be inspired by our references. Our references show what is possible. Our project consultants will be happy to support you in implementing your ideas.