Office & Administration

Individual and flexible workplaces

The range of architectural quality is particularly wide for office buildings and administrative buildings. There are iconic buildings as well as dreary office boxes. The potential inherent in this building task is great.

They are:

  • Workplaces for millions of people who spend much of their lives there.
  • Germ cells for innovation and economic progress.
  • Literal “brand” signs for the respective company.
  • Operating resources and cost factor in the economic balance sheet.

Good architecture has a positive economic impact on a company in all four areas.

Changeable spaces for change in work culture

Driven by digitalisation, the transformation to service society and changing demands of different generations, new work culture is emerging. It is characterised by flexibility in time and space, the autonomy of employees and teams, and flat hierarchies.

The new work culture raises the question: Will we still need offices at all in the future? Yes, but they must look different. On the one hand, there are increasingly new office forms such as co-working spaces. On the other hand, new forms of (collaborative) working such as agile methods need new spaces.
The classic one-person office as the standard will soon be obsolete. Modern offices offer zones for teamwork and retreat areas for concentrated work. Technically fully equipped conference rooms are just as crucial as cosy common areas for brainstorming or a relaxing break.

More flexibility in office spaces with glass partitions and sliding elements

It makes little sense to keep rooms for all conceivable scenarios. It is better to have fixtures and structural solutions that allow flexible use of the space.
Metal constructions lined with glass, such as Baier manufactures according to the project planning, create transparency. With (integrated) sliding elements such as windows or doors, the rooms can also be adapted to the individual needs – large or small, open or closed, teamwork or individual work.

Employees as a success factor

An essential aspect of the “New Work” is the motivation and long-term retention of employees. They are the “most important capital”, especially in administration and the service sector. The goal is to create the best possible working environment for employees to work with commitment and success. In addition, they should feel comfortable in the company in the long term – both spatially and interpersonally.

This is also economically relevant: According to the “Engagement Index Germany” by the management consultant Gallup, about 70 per cent of employees only work according to the protocol. Fourteen per cent have already quit internally. This cost the economy around 100 billion euros in 2018.

Sunny prospects for employees and work performance thanks to glare protection

In 2017, in a survey by the “Industrieverband Büro und Arbeitswelt” (Industry Association for Offices and the Work Environment), 90 per cent of respondents said that plenty of daylight at the workplace was important to them. However, direct daylight incidence is particularly problematic for computer workstations. Too much light is dazzling and makes working stressful or even impossible. A customised sun and glare protection system from Baier offers employees both: daylight and trouble-free computer work.

Architecture as a unique selling point

Less new than the interior design challenges – but no less relevant – are the requirements for the building’s exterior. Good corporate architecture supports the brand appearance. This includes recognisable signs such as colours but also the structural implementation of the brand values.

Façade design as a “brand” sign for companies

A façade panelling from Baier offers maximum freedom of design. Open or closed, colour and material, orientation and construction – everything can be utilised to achieve the desired appearance.
Large glass surfaces, for example, signal openness and transparency. A matching solar shading system from Baier nevertheless ensures sustainability. Intelligent façade panelling also conveys innovative strength. Metal as a façade material – whether in the form of sunshade louvres or a flat cladding – is popular for technology-savvy industries. In this way, the architecture becomes another building block that inspires customers and buyers and binds them to the brand.

© microsonic Photographer: Roland Borgmann

Low operating costs as a measurable variable

The financial advantage of a modern interior design and a façade design in the meaning of corporate architecture is present – but difficult to quantify. Not so the expenses for air conditioning, maintenance and repairs to the building. They are relevant factors in the economic balance sheet.

Well-thought-out solutions enhance the office and administrative buildings

Movable building components in particular – both inside and out – are subject to constant stress. At the same time, poor serviceability has a direct negative impact on the functionality of the building. High-quality hardware and drive technology, as offered by Baier, is a worthwhile investment.
Quality pays off in all areas – but in some places, still, a bit more can be achieved. A suitable sun shading system from Baier also protects the environment and operating expenses: In winter, passive sun energy can be used as an additional heat source. In summer, it protects against overheating of the rooms. Equipped with a lock, the windows behind it can even be opened during the cool night hours.

Baier offers maximum flexibility in function and design

Finishing and façade solutions as well as sun protection systems from Baier have already proven their worth in numerous office and administrative buildings. Each system is unique – perfectly matched to the respective requirements and design ideas.

  • Sun shading systems with sliding shutters, lifting folding shutters, and folding sliding shutters can be adapted to specific objects with different models, fillings and colours. The same applies to rigid sun protection systems. Baier also customises the construction of the sun protection systems to support the design idea of the façade perfectly.
  • Each sun shading system can be motorised so that it always follows the course of the sun strictly. This is particularly useful for objects with many users and large glass surfaces and to ensure that they always function perfectly as protection against heating up and glare.
  • Movable room closures such as sliding windows and doors are manufactured precisely according to the plans.
  • Individually manufactured full-surface façade panelling allows a wide range of design options and creates permanently resistant panelling.
  • Customised finishing elements such as separating walls made of metal pillars are manufactured by the metalworking company according to the design idea.
  • All the fittings and components are used to impress with their high product quality and long service life. They are also extremely low-maintenance.
  • On request, the products can be installed and later maintained by experienced and skilled craftsmen from Baier. They work in close coordination with other disciplines to ensure smooth and safe installation.

Convince yourself of the functional quality of our façade, sun protection and extension solutions for offices and administration. Be inspired by the design versatility. Our references show what can be done. Our property consultants will be happy to support you in implementing your ideas.
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